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  • ADO-AZ


  • Results:

  • Fortuna Sittard-FC Groningen 1-3

  • Vitesse-PSV 2-1

  • Sparta-Heracles 1-1

  • RKC-Feyenoord 2-2

ADO The Hague-AZ 2 minutes ago


AZ is lord and master in The Hague, but only leads halfway with 0-1.

Only Albert Gudmundsson finds the net, albeit in a nice way: with the outside on the right he sweeps the ball from close range into the intersection.

ADO has nothing to say in-house and should not grumble about the minimum backlog.

ADO The Hague-AZ 2 minutes ago

45 'Despite the lead, AZ is starting to lose patience a bit.

Many players try to go for their own success early on, while ADO really has little to crumble.

ADO The Hague-AZ8 minutes ago

39 'AZ continues to hunt for more goals.

It has given away a head start in recent weeks, so more hits never hurt.

Karlsson, however, sees Koopmans tapping his bet from the short corner with one foot.

8 minutes ago

ADO The Hague-AZ14 minutes ago

33 'GOAL AZ!


The Alkmaarders and in particular Albert Gudmundsson finally get paid for work!

The ball lingers after a corner, after which Dani de Wit lays the ball ready for the Icelander, who shoots the ball into the intersection with an almost careless foot movement.

ADO The Hague-AZ 20 minutes ago

27 'Stengs tries from a distance, since he gets the space for it anyway.

The attacker's attempt is not even that crazy, but drops too low to worry Koopmans.

ADO The Hague-AZ 22 minutes ago

Luuk Koopmans picks a cross from the air.

The ADO keeper is keeping his goal clean for the time being, but the pressure from AZ on that goal is enormous.

It is actually a matter of waiting for the residents of The Hague to finally crack.

ADO The Hague-AZ 24 minutes ago

23 'AZ increases the pressure, led by a busy Gudmundsson.

At first, the Icelander cannot give the final push after a clever ball from De Wit and a little later he comes just too late to complete the replacement of the Dutch number 10.

ADO The Hague-AZ 29 minutes ago

19 'This is the picture of the first half so far: AZ attacks, ADO stops.

29 minutes ago

ADO The Hague-AZ 38 minutes ago

9 'Faye hands in the ball very easily, not for the first time.

It is that Van Ewijk throws himself for Gudmundsson's attempt, otherwise it simply costs ADO a goal against.

ADO The Hague-AZ 39 minutes ago

Calvin Stengs glares at the referee after his quick opening goal is disallowed.

ADO The Hague-AZ 42 minutes ago

4 'Faye puts the ball behind the AZ defense and finds Arweiler in a promising position.

However, the ADO striker is too slow with the ball at his foot, which means that Martins Indi can intervene and forces the German to the side.

ADO The Hague-AZ one hour ago

2 '

Goal AZ rejected!

Stengs thinks he will quickly score the opening goal, but the party is canceled because declarant Gudmundsson is offside.

Especially ADO keeper Koopmans will be relieved, because he leads AZ's chance with a bad kick.

ADO The Hague-AZ one hour ago


The last game of round six has started.

He goes between the numbers fourteen and fifteen of the rankings.

AZ finally wants to win after four draws, ADO is looking for the second victory of the season.

an hour ago

ADO The Hague-AZ one hour ago

The players report to the field in the Cars Jeans Stadium.

Can AZ continue the handsome victory at Napoli and finally win in the Eredivisie?

ADO The Hague-AZ one hour ago

The ADO players also try to overcome the cold as much as possible with a thorough warm-up.


Warm up!

­čöą #ADOaz


Author ADO Den Haag ­čö░Moment of places19: 35 - October 25, 2020

ADO The Hague-AZ one hour ago

Marco Bizot is already being fired up and that is necessary.

It is 8 degrees Celsius in The Hague, it is raining and there is a strong wind.

So classic autumn weather!


­čž▒ Wall At Work # MB1 #coybir #adoaz


Avatar Author AZMoment of places19: 30 - October 25, 2020

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

Due to the draw against RKC, Feyenoord fails to get back to one point from Ajax and Vitesse.

This is now the position in the top of the Eredivisie:

1. Ajax 6-15 (24-3)

2. Vitesse 6-15 (11-3)

3. PSV 6-13 (12-5)

4. sc Heerenveen 6 -13 (12-7)

5. Feyenoord 6-12 (14-7)

ADO The Hague-AZ 2 hours ago

ADO Den Haag takes office with two changes compared to the previous round, when Aleksandar Rankovi─ç's team was defeated against Vitesse.

John Goossens will replace Samy Bourard and David Philipp will replace Vincente Besuijen.

The game starts at 8 p.m. in the Cars Jeans Stadium.

Setup ADO Den Haag:


Van Ewijk, Bees, Pinas, Faye;

De Boer, Rigo, Goossens;

Catic, Arweiler, Philipp.

2 hours ago

ADO The Hague-AZ 2 hours ago

In an hour ADO Den Haag and AZ will close the sixth round in the Eredivisie.

ÔĆ▒ 1 hour left ... #adoaz #coybir #Eredivisie


Avatar Author AZMoment of places18: 57 - October 25, 2020

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

Lawyer is also concerned about the physical condition of some of the players.

Jo├úo Carlos Teixeira, Bryan Linssen and Nicolai J├Şrgensen had to be replaced injured.

"You see a number of players who joined late get into trouble after Thursday (Europa League match against Dinamo Zagreb, ed.). You can remember not to line them up, but they themselves indicated that they were fit. It is J├Şrgensen's groin again. Of course he does not do that consciously, but we have not really benefited from him since the beginning of the season. That's a problem. We have to see what will happen with the group next Thursday. "

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

Lawyer: 'You can also just lose here'

Dick Advocaat is of course not happy after the draw against RKC.

"A team like Feyenoord has to win here, but that was not really possible today. It was messy and bad", the Feyenoord coach grumbles, who also admits that his team could have returned from Waalwijk completely empty-handed.

"They didn't have many chances, but still had a lot of threat from the counter. Then you have to be careful. Luckily you can make 2-2 with a world goal, otherwise you can lose here too."

ADO The Hague-AZ 2 hours ago

Corona-plagued AZ kicks off a visit to ADO The Hague at 8 p.m.

The Alkmaarders surprised last Thursday with the win against Napoli in the Europa League, but have not yet won a game in the Eredivisie this season.

During a visit to The Hague, Slot hopes to get the first three points and, despite the positive corona tests, that is possible with a large proportion of the regular eleven.

Setup AZ:


Sugawara, Hatzidiakos, Martins Indi, Wijndal;

Koopmeiners, Midtsj├Ş, De Wit;

Stengs, Gudmundsson, Karlsson.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

Berghuis: 'Running behind the facts'

Steven Berghuis makes little effort to hide his annoyance after Feyenoord's loss of points.

"2-2 at RKC is simply not good enough", said the captain, who does not have an immediate explanation at FOX Sports.

"Physically, three games a week is not a problem, that's not the problem. What it is then? I don't know. We are twice behind the facts because of the goals against. In the end it just isn't good enough."

2 hours ago

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

RKC weakly keeps Feyenoord on a draw

In a match that is especially fun in the second half, Feyenoord was unable to beat RKC.

In Waalwijk, the home team even takes the lead twice, via Cyril Ngonge and Ola John.

The team from Rotterdam always come alongside thanks to Nicolai J├Şrgensen and Ridgeciano Haps, but does not claim the victory for a moment.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 2 hours ago


Surprisingly, Feyenoord does not pass RKC in Waalwijk and has to settle for a 2-2 draw.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

Ridgeciano Haps screams after his beautiful equalizer.

However, if it stays that way, disappointment will prevail afterwards.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

84 'GOAL Feyenoord!


What a beautiful goal from Ridgeciano Haps!

The left back puts a long ball from Steven Berghuis right in one go with the left and then lashes out with his lesser right.

The ball turns out of reach of Kostas Lamprou into the far intersection.

If football does not work at Feyenoord, the team can still count on the individual class of in this case Haps and Berghuis.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 2 hours ago



Three times is the charm for Ola John!

Justin Bijlow this time has no answer to the bet of the left winger, who pulls in from the left and shoots the ball into the short corner.

It seems that Feyenoord will face a surprising defeat here.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

76 'Diemers is put in front of Lamprou by Berghuis, but hits the legs of the keeper.

On the other hand, John again tests whether Bijlow is paying attention.

This time the goalkeeper is on the ground in time to stop the ball completely himself.

The game waves up and down in the last quarter of the game.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

73 'Bijlow lets an attempt by John slip half under him, but is saved in time by his defenders.

It can still go in all directions in this game, because a ball only needs to fall correctly on both sides.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

Earlier, RKC took the lead thanks to Cyril Ngonge, who left Justin Bijlow without a chance with a nice pegel.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

Nicolai J├Şrgensen shoots in the equalizer.

It is immediately the last action of the Feyenoord striker, who is injured again.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

63 'Immediately after his goal, J├Şrgensen, who is already modestly celebrating his goal, has to be replaced due to an apparent groin injury.

The performance of the Danish striker in Waalwijk is therefore limited to fifteen minutes before half-time and fifteen minutes after half-time, because he replaced Texeira, also injured, after half an hour in the first half.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

62 'GOAL Feyenoord!


Nicolai J├Şrgensen is about to be substituted because he has been injured, but puts the tying run on the scoreboard with his latest achievement.

The Dane first hits the post, but gets another chance in the rebound and does score in the second instance.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

58 'Berghuis tries to surprise Lamprou with a quick shot that goes between the legs of a defender.

The RKC goalkeeper sees the ball late, but still has it.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

56 'The attack image at Feyenoord is currently very similar to that before half time.

The Rotterdammers are looking for a hole in the RKC defense, but cannot get through.

Supported by the opening goal, the Waalwijkers can let themselves back down even more, creating a real yellow-blue wall that Feyenoord has to break down.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

53 'Feyenoord tries to force a quick equalizer.

First, a bet by Narsingh just went wide, then an attempt by K├Âkc├╝ flies a little wider past the goal.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

50 'GOAL RKC Waalwijk!


It is not Feyenoord but RKC that comes out of the dressing room best!

Cyril Ngonge slalom his way around Marcos Senesi and shoots the ball from the edge of the penalty area with a beautiful left in the top corner.

Dick Advocaat's mood will not improve as a result of this development.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

46 'The second half in Waalwijk has started.

Dick Advocaat has intervened and brings Lutsharel Geertruida and Luciano Narsingh for Bart Nieuwkoop and Bryan Linssen.

Can Feyenoord come out sharper after the break with the fresh forces?

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

This look from Steven Berghuis says everything about Feyenoord's game in the first half.

The Rotterdammers frustrate themselves by not being sharp enough for RKC's goal.

As a result, the assignment becomes more difficult and tougher as the game progresses.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago


Feyenoord is the parent in Waalwijk, but is unable to score due to sloppiness.

RKC is mainly limited to defending and reports only sporadically near the enemy target.

A 0-0 halftime score is the result.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

43 'Haps uses his body well and rumbles into the RKC penalty area.

Lamprou taps the shot from the left back from the short corner.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

João Carlos Teixeira sits down and has to stop injured a little later.

RKC Waalwijk-Feyenoord 3 hours ago

36 'Damascan can head after a high free kick, but Bijlow is well positioned and easily catches the ball.

Yet this is a sign on the wall, RKC is increasingly thinking about attacks now that Feyenoord is taking a break.

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