China News Service, October 24. After 24 years, the F1 Portuguese Grand Prix returns to the F1 calendar this weekend. The Algarve International Circuit, where the F1 Grand Prix is ​​held for the first time, will pose a huge challenge to all drivers.

In particular, Hamilton, after tying the championship record of "Car King" Schumacher at the last German Grand Prix, it seems only a matter of time before he surpassed it. In Portugal, he will attack history for the first time.

  The F1 Portuguese Grand Prix has been held for 16 times, divided into two different periods, 1958-60 at the Boavista circuit and Monsanto circuit, 1984-96 at Estoril Run the race.

This weekend the Algarve International Circuit will become the fourth track to host the Portuguese Grand Prix.

  The Algarve International Circuit is located about 15 kilometers northwest of Portimão, Portugal. It is a modern circuit that was built in 2008 and has hosted many GT races and motorcycle races. It has a large track and Roller coaster-like ups and downs are its most distinctive feature.

As before in Mugello, facing a brand new track, all teams will be very busy preparing for Friday practice sessions.

On October 11, local time, the F1 German Grand Prix came to an end. Hamilton won the 91st race championship of his F1 career, tied the record held by Schumacher and tied for the first place in history.

After the game, Hamilton raised the red helmet of the car king Schumacher high to pay tribute to the legend.

  In the F1 Eifel Grand Prix, Hamilton scored his 91st career victory, tying the historical record held by Schumacher.

If Hamilton can win this week, then he will set a new record for the number of championships in F1 history. Do you think he will dominate the new circuit this weekend?

  In addition, as the season enters the second half of the season, the birth of the drivers and the team championship is getting closer.

This weekend, Mercedes will have the first chance to be crowned the Constructors’ Championship in advance, but the conditions are more demanding. They are currently 180 points ahead of the second-placed Red Bull. If the lead is expanded to more than 220 points after the race this weekend , Then Mercedes will be crowned the constructors' championship in advance.

Once Mercedes is crowned, they will create the longest consecutive team championship record in F1 history (7 times).