Speed ​​Skating Miho Takagi 4th Consecutive Championship All Japan Distance Championship Women's 1000m October 24, 20:03

This season's domestic opening round of speed skating, the All Japan Distance Championship, was held on the second day in Nagano City, and at the women's 1000m, Miho Takagi set a record of 1'14.21, breaking his own tournament record. I won the championship for the fourth time in a row.

The All Japan Distance Championship, which will be the opening round of speed skating in Japan this season, has been held at M-Wave in Nagano City since the 23rd.

On the 24th of the second day of the tournament, Takagi, who won the bronze medal at the Pyeongchang Olympics, and Nao Kodaira, who won the silver medal, participated in the women's 1000m.

Takagi abstained from the race on the 23rd, partly due to the influence of his right knee, which he hurt in the summer of this year.

Takagi, who skated earlier, showed his tenacity from the second half, passed 600 meters at the top of the whole, and finished at 1:14:21, which set his own tournament record at 0.65.

Kodaira, who participated after this, finished in 1'15.62, although the first 200m was delayed with the 5th time of the whole and rewound in the second half.

As a result, Takagi won the championship with a difference of about 1 second over Kodaira, who was in second place, and won the tournament for the fourth consecutive time.

In the men's 1000m, Tatsuya Shinhama won the tournament for the second time in a row at 1: 08.53, setting a national record of 0.09.

Kodaira "I haven't got a body yet"

Nao Kodaira, who finished second in the women's 1000m, said, "Based on my reflection on the 500m race yesterday, I focused on starting at my own timing, but it didn't lead to time and I thought it would be an issue for the future. I wasn't able to do it yet, and I couldn't bring it to a state where I could rely on my senses by the opening race. "