Seibu Nakamura breaks the 21st full-base home run professional baseball record on October 24, 19:51

Takeya Nakamura, a veteran of professional baseball and Seibu, hit a full-base home run in the Softbank game held at the PayPay Dome in Fukuoka City on the 24th, setting the total number of full-base home runs to 21 and breaking his own professional baseball record. Did.

Nakamura started with the 8th designated hitter, and in the 3rd at bat of the 8th inning to chase 1 point, he hit the 8th full-base home run from Softbank's third pitcher Sho Iwasaki.

This is the first time for Nakamura to have a full-base home run this season, and he has set a total of 21 full-base home runs, breaking his own professional baseball record.

The second place is Sadaharu Oh with 15 books.

Nakamura is 37 years old in his 19th year as a professional player.

So far, he has won 6 home run kings, 4 home run kings, and 7 best nines.

In a post-match hero interview, Nakamura said, "I thought I couldn't hit because of strange things, so I entered the turn at bat without thinking about anything. I'm glad I hit because everyone connected me." I was talking.