Former New York Rangers talent Robin Kovacs, who left Luleå for Örebro in the middle of last season, has not been released during the start of this SHL season.

But tonight came his first two goals of the season, and he could call himself a match winner for his Örebro.

"Have waited"

First, 3.52 into the match, came the first goal when he after a fine pass by Mathias Bromé across the attack zone struck with a direct shot in powerplay.

- They have been waiting for this, nice that it releases, Kovacs told C More during the break when he had to tell about his first goal of the season.

- It is an incredibly good game from our side right through.

Fantastic nice pass by Bromé and I'm just trying to pinch.

Nice that it goes in.

Shot past the obscured Fasth

Then, halfway into the final period, came his second full hit of the evening - which for a long time seemed to be decisive in the match.

Rodrigo Abols won the technique for Lukas Pilö who took the puck along the right edge of the rim.

He released behind the puck to Kovacs who held on, aimed and then flicked away the puck past a hidden Viktor Fasth in the Växjö goal.

Växjö then had a lot of puck and a certain pressure against the Örebro goal, and with one minute left of regular playing time left to play equalize.

In power play, and goalkeeper Viktor Fasth picked out, Emil Pettersson got the puck free in the "castle", and split the puck in the crossbar.

Abols decided

But in the long run, Robin Kovacs stepped forward again.

He passed the puck along the blue line to Rodrigo Abols, who took it to the technical circle and put the puck in goal.

- It feels really good that the team won and that I scored a goal, says Abols to C More.