On the slippery and, to say the least, wet pitch in Värmland, it was Carlstad Crusaders who took command immediately.

With a well-oiled defense, they disrupted every single one of Örebro's attack attempts during the start and forced the white-clad to make bad decisions time and time again.

Thus, they had to start attacking several yards into Örebro's half of the field and it was several times that the Karlstad team was close to running home an early touchdown.

In the beginning, however, Örebro would be saved by either the failed receptions in the goal zone or the Värmlanders were regularly blown away by the referees.

But in the end, however, the zero would be cracked for Carlstad.

After a nice pass from quarterback Sydney Green who took over the entire Örebro defense and landed in ... hands.

8-0 at the break but it was with more taste for Carlstad who sat in a dream position to take their third straight Swedish Championship gold.

- I think we play really well.

But it is very soft, wet, dirty and muddy out there, Carlstad's Elin Thimfors described the match situation during a break in Cmore's broadcast.

In the second half, more or less Carlstad decided it all immediately.

In an early game in the second half, the team made its second touchdown and went from 14-0 and when it became 22-0 at the end of the third, the train went well for Örebro.

The Swedish Championship gold is the third in the club's history on the women's side.