Tokyo Olympic Games Tickets Refund from November 24th October 6:25


Tickets for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics sold The Games Organizing Committee has decided to start refunding for those who cannot watch the games due to the postponement of the Games from around the 10th of next month.

So far, about 4.48 million tickets for the Tokyo Games have been sold at the Olympic Games and about 970,000 at the Paralympics, and the Organizing Committee has decided to use the same competition venue and schedule for the competition that was postponed to next year. As a result, the sold tickets are still valid.

However, it is possible that some people will not be able to watch the game due to the postponement, so we will refund the tickets for these people, first about the Olympic Games for about 20 days from around 10th next month, and then in December for about 20 days at the Paralympics. I learned from interviews with the people concerned that I had solidified.

On the other hand, the Organizing Committee said that it is necessary to determine the infection status of the new coronavirus to see if it will be possible to attract spectators as originally planned at next year's convention, and it will affect the tickets sold. The issue is what to do with the numbers.