The European Championship qualifier takes place, as previously reported, in a bubble in Crete.

The qualifying countries can bring a total of 25 people, including players and leaders, and Marco Crespi has now chosen the 14 in the former gross squad, which will gather on November 8.

- We are going to Crete with a clear goal, we will take a big step in the direction of EC 2021. It will be a different experience with games in a "bubble", but this is a group that will manage it, says national team manager Fredrik Joulamo.

Strict rules

All participants must follow strict rules to get into the basketball bubble in Crete at all.

For the last ten days before departure, everyone must stay in "relative isolation" at home.

Exceptions are players who must train and play matches.

In addition, you must have done at least two negative tests that show that you are healthy from covid-19.

Once in place in Crete, players and leaders will spend all their time at the hotel as they are not locked by bus for training and matches.

CLIP: Kalis Lloyd on the EC freak: "A little fine technique is required" (7 February 2020)

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Kalis Lloyd about the EC freak: "A little fine technique is required" Photo: SVT