Modo has had a tough autumn in the Hockeyallsvenskan, and was ahead of tonight's match at home against Vita Hästen last in the series, with 0-7 in the last two matches, against Almtuna and Karlskoga.

But tonight it was a real ice break.

The team outclassed the White Horse and won 6-1.

The big victory organizer was the Danish Mikkel Aagard, who within seven minutes in the second period took the team from 1-0 to 4-0.

Leaving the jumbo seat

The 25-year-old, who had not scored a single point for the team before the match, started by putting 2-0 in a more or less open goal, continued to be last on the puck in the mess in front of goal and put 3-0 and then did 4-0 by taking care of a return.

With the victory, Modo now leaves the jumbo seat and after the evening has both Kristianstad and Väsby behind him.