Bastians scored a goal to kill suspense.

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  Chinanews client, Beijing, October 22 (Bian Liqun) defeated Shenzhen Kaisa with a total score of 3:1. Looking at the celebration of Tianjin TEDA after the game, you can hardly believe that this is the first stage of the previous 14 games. The winning team.

  What's more "magical" is that after this event, Tianjin TEDA declared a successful relegation by virtue of its victory in the first round and became the first team in the relegation group to land. The "one win relegation" thus became a reality from ridicule.

  And even if Tianjin TEDA loses all of the next 4 qualifying games, they will be able to win 12th place in the Super League with a record of 1 win, 4 draws and 15 losses. It is not surprising, not surprising...

TEDA new aid Ahmedov assisted Bastians and killed the suspense of the game.

  Slightly tragic is that as one of the biggest signings this season, Shenzuo will continue to struggle in the relegation group.

The five victories in the first stage, and the hope of entering the championship group until the last moment, were all in vain in the second stage of the knockout system.

Gao Lin once hit the post and regretted that he missed the opportunity to equalize the total score.

  Fate is so unpredictable. Looking back at Tianjin TEDA's performance in the first stage, it is not an exaggeration to describe it as bleak.

In the first 5 rounds, he scored 1 draw and 4 losses. The German coach Stillik, who has coached TEDA for 3 years and made a deep impression on the team, left get out of class sadly.

  Judging from the performance of TEDA at the time, it is indeed impossible to find the shadow of last season. The two sharp knives Achim Peng and Jonathan were in no state, and their ability to defend and counterattack was also lost.

In the downturn, Achim Peng missed two penalty kicks in the first period.

  Of course, this is related to the consecutive loss of German center Wagner, midfielder Mattijiang and central defender Yang Fan before the season.

Any team that encounters such a degree of "blood loss" on the most important central axis will inevitably have performance fluctuations.

  Therefore, even after local commander Wang Baoshan took over, Tianjin TEDA still did not improve in performance.

After the losing streak expanded to 8 games, the team drew 1:1 with Shijiazhuang Yongchang, avoiding further stacking of losing streaks.

In the last three games, TEDA still did not win, with 1 draw and 2 losses.

After 14 games, Tianjin TEDA finished the first stage with a dazzling 0 wins, 3 draws and 11 losses.

  Although Tianjin TEDA has had the experience of being embarrassed and relegated in the past few seasons, it is unprecedented for the results to be so dismal.

From the uncle Tianjin's complaint when he watched the women's volleyball exhibition, "Let TEDA come and see", to the crosstalk actor Gao Feng's complaints on social media several times after the game...The dissatisfaction from all parties is enough to see that fans are rooted in Tianjin How dissatisfied the established teams are.

The joining of former SIPG foreign aid midfielder Ahmedov has become one of the key factors in TEDA's counterattack and relegation.

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  With the doubts from the outside world, Tianjin TEDA’s remedy was very timely. We talked about SIPG’s foreign aid midfielder Ahmedov, the introduction of Portuguese super striker Suarez, and also loaned Jiang Shenglong from Shenhua at the center back of the team. The central axis has been upgraded.

  Judging from the game, the three of them are all real and instant fighting power.

Ahmedov, who had played for SIPG for many years, became the midfield hub of the TEDA team. He played a great role on both ends of the offense and defense. In the second round, he assisted Bastians and scored a goal that killed the suspense. .

The teenager Jiang Shenglong also had previous experience in the Super League. In the two games against Shenzhen Football, he served as the starter and played relatively steadily.

  As the most uncertain part of the three new players, Suarez broke his doubts with his performance in the first show.

He adapted well to the Chinese Super League and contributed an assist in the first leg.

In the first round of the game, new aid Suarez assisted Achim Peng and scored a dream start.

  After the new aids joined, Achim Peng, who had previously struggled in the frontcourt, regained his feelings. It was his score in the first leg that helped the team seize the opportunity.

  Under the leadership of local marshal Wang Baoshan, who has rich relegation experience, Tianjin TEDA, who played with 5 defenders, regained the ability to defend and counterattack in two games, and the team looked completely new.

In the end, it took 180 minutes to relegate the "feat."

  For Tianjin fans, the rejoicing after the great compassion is naturally enjoyable, but for deep-footed or neutral fans, this relegation method is somewhat unreasonable or even somewhat unreasonable compared to the 30-round double-loop system in previous seasons. Can not "convince the public."

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  But objectively speaking, the destiny of relegation is determined under a competition system that is biased towards the cup. The teams are destined to do their best to compete with their opponents. From the game itself, it has full gold content.

  The win or loss of the game is the result of multiple factors such as on-the-spot performance, strength and even luck between the two teams.

Although the process is not so gorgeous, it must be admitted that Tianjin TEDA is the winner under this competition system.

  Judging from the two rounds of the game, Tianjin TEDA has a very clear pertinence, that is, while strictly guarding against the dead, it has played an efficient counterattack and placed itself in the position of an absolute weaker.

  On the other hand, Shenzhen Kaisa did not play a strong position in the first round of the game. The play style and pertinence were not clear, and the offensive tactics in the positional battle were extremely limited.

Of course, this is not unrelated to the absence of foreign aid Mali and midfielder Dai Weijun.

Match data for the second round.

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  In the second round, the goal of the deep foot was very clear. Through frequent crosses, looking for opportunities for fatal blows, Mali's goal came from this.

In the second half, Gao Lin's shot also hit the crossbar, and Shen had a chance to equalize the total score.

But the disadvantage of being two goals behind in the first leg has become a difficult hurdle.

  Although it is cruel, but in this format, the fatal blow at the critical moment is what determines the fate.

Tianjin TEDA fully grasped the important nodes of the second stage, taking advantage of the lack of the championship group at the end of the first stage, and quickly seizing the opportunity to show the seasoned side of the old team.

  As a winner, the story of Tianjin TEDA's "one win and relegation" is destined to be a topic of conversation that is constantly being raised.

This can be regarded as a unique memory in the special season.