Japan National Team for Super Rugby Challenge Kazuki Himeno I swear to play an active part at the press conference October 22, 19:18

Next season, Kazuki Himeno, the Japanese national team who will challenge the world's best league, Super Rugby, held an online press conference and vowed to play an active role, "I want to do my best to give courage and excitement to many people."

Himeno of the top league Toyota Motor is 26 years old from Nagoya city.

As the third row of the forward, it has a strong breakthrough and a fierce defense.

In last year's World Cup, he started in all the games of the Japanese national team, and "Jackal", which steals the ball from the opponent, became synonymous and greatly contributed to the first best 8 advancement.

Himeno has announced that he will play in the "Highlanders", the New Zealand team of Super Rugby, the world's premier league, which will be held from January to June next year.

Himeno, who had a press conference online on the 22nd, said, "I participated in last year's World Cup and had an aspiration to become stronger. I wanted to grow myself in a higher level environment and decided to challenge overseas. I did, "explained the reason.

After that, he said, "I want to play with a hungry spirit so that I can win the competition within the team, and I will do my best to give courage and excitement to many people. I want to grow up and return to Japan."