Jordan Pickford is quite upset that he seriously injured Virgil van Dijk last weekend.

Due to a wild tackle from the goalkeeper, the captain of Orange is sidelined for months.

"Jordan is really upset, he is very disappointed," said Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti on Thursday.

"And let it be clear that everyone at Everton thinks it's a shame that Van Dijk is injured. We hope he will recover soon."

In the city derby of Liverpool (2-2 draw), Van Dijk fell out after a few minutes on Saturday after a wild tackle from Pickford.

Because the Liverpool defender had been offside just before, Pickford escaped a penalty and a card.

Van Dijk has to undergo surgery on the knee ligaments.

In order not to put pressure on his recovery, Liverpool is not communicating an expected rehabilitation time.

Van Dijk was removed from the Premier League player list, so that he can no longer play this calendar year.

'Pickford went for the ball'

Ancelotti emphasized that Pickford did not intend to injure Van Dijk.

"Jordan was late, but he definitely went for the ball. People who say it was on purpose are wrong. Virgil knows that too."

"There was clearly contact between the two and Pickford was not timed well," said the Italian trainer.

"The game in the Premier League is so fast that it is not difficult to be late sometimes."

Without the injured Van Dijk, Liverpool won 0-1 against Ajax in the Champions League on Wednesday.

The defending champion will play at home in the Premier League against Sheffield United on Saturday.

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