The condition is so unusual that the UAE Emirates thoroughly investigated Gaviria to be on the safe side.

- In Fernando's case, he is asymptomatic for the second time.

This is a false positive because he has undergone confirmation tests and this confirms his recurrent infection, UAEs forensic doctor Jeroen Swart told Reuters.

After the first infection in connection with the UAE tour in the United Arab Emirates last winter, Gaviria spent a month in hospital.

The isolated cases of dual covid-19 diagnoses have been spread around the world and according to Swart, it is about a handful of people who have contracted the disease again.

41 million people have been reported to have had it and 1.1 million people have died.

Immunity disappears after three to four months

Given Gaviria's relapse into covid-19, Swart doubts that the disease confers immunity, or that it disappears fairly quickly.

- The antibody defense against the virus has proven to be transient and these antibodies begin to decline after three to four months, he says and adds that at six months they are barely noticeable in many people who were infected early in the epidemic.

Swart has his opinion on covid-19 clear:

- It is now clear that the risk of being infected again by covid-19 really exists.