After crowning champions of the league for the 14th time

Muhammad Obaid Al-Hussan: The achievements of "Sharjah Hand" will extend to the Asian titles

Sharjah beat Al Wasl the day before yesterday at the end of the Hand League.

Photography: Patrick Castillo

A member of the Board of Directors of Sharjah Sports Club, Chairman of the Collegiate Games Department, Muhammad Obaid Al-Hussan, confirmed that “Handball achievements in Sharjah Club will reach Asian titles in the coming period, especially in the wake of the handball team’s success in crowning an exceptional season, and the day before yesterday, it won the league title for the fourth time. Respectively and the 14th in its history, and with a record free of defeats ».

He told "Emirates Today" that this confirms that the continuity in reaping achievements paves the way for upgrading the level of ambitions to win the Asian Championship title, after two last participations in which the team crowned the bronze medal twice in a row.

He continued: “The handball team’s victory in all matches confirms that the game in the club possesses the elements that qualify for upgrading the level of ambitions, and strive to award the club and Emirati handball the title of Asian clubs of champions in its next edition.

He explained: “The great support given by the club’s management and the Sharjah Sports Council was the basis for strengthening the team’s ranks with an elite of distinguished elements, whether national or at the level of technical stability on the Egyptian professional Ali Al-Zein, and the Bahraini international Ali Mirza, which allowed him to continue reaping achievements in the first team. Finally, work continues to strengthen the team, by contracting with the Egyptian World Cup coach Hani Al-Fakharani, who led the team in its last match against Al Wasl, which gives us optimism about the team’s ability to return and compete for the title of Asian clubs 2021 ».

On the other hand, the Chairman of the Sharjah Sports Council, Issa Hilal Al-Hazami, affirmed that "the recent crowning of the Sharjah Hand and Basketball teams with the two league titles in every game reflects that all Sharjah games are living an exceptional season by all standards, and establish the dominance of Emirati sports in the future in all games." .

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