[Explanation] After 6 years of working in ice making, Zhou Jun has become accustomed to dealing with ice and snow every day.

With the approach of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the work of the ice maker has attracted more and more public attention.

Recently, the reporter came to the air skating hall of the Capital Institute of Physical Education where Zhou Jun is located, and used the camera to record the daily work of the ice maker.

  Zhou Jun, who lived in the south and had little contact with snow and ice, began to become interested in winter sports since he saw speed skaters galloping on TV when he was young.

And the ice maker job he chose now is also due to the "ice and snow love" at that time.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Jun, Ice Maker, Air Skating Hall, Capital Institute of Physical Education

  It may be more of a sense of pride. It is also an honor to serve our national athletes.

Although an individual may not be able to participate in the competition like an athlete, I feel that being able to serve the athletes and make a contribution to the ice and snow industry is also a very honorable thing.

  [Explanation] According to Zhou Jun, the track ice-making work includes five steps: ice making, ice repair, ice filling, cleaning and watering maintenance. The thickness of the ice layer and the temperature of the track are different due to different competition events and regions. This requires ice makers to have professional skills and strong physical fitness.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Jun, Ice Maker, Air Skating Hall, Capital Institute of Physical Education

  The details determine success or failure. If you spray white (one of the ice making links), you spray unevenly. No matter how good the above work is, it may affect the appearance and affect the athlete's skating experience.

So white spraying is a very basic link, there can be no mottling, one piece is darker and the other is lighter.

  [Explanation] In Zhou Jun's view, the basic work of ice making in the early stage is very important, and the maintenance work of repairing and refilling the ice in the later stage also requires effort.

Ice repair is to use ice skates to "micro-shape" the ice surface to make it smoother and more symmetrical.

After the repair is completed, the ice maker will use a shovel or a broom to remove the snow and frost on the surface of the ice layer to keep it in a smooth state.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Jun, Ice Maker, Air Skating Hall, Capital Institute of Physical Education

  After the athletes have finished skating, check whether there are any falling debris on the ice surface. Some people have a button on their clothes. If something falls on the ice surface, the ice skates will be injured after sliding over.

After falling on the ice surface, deep pits are formed, which are about one centimeter and half a centimeter. In this place, our ice sweeper cannot handle it at one time. At this time, we need to go to this place. , Take the snow to fill up and tread on the ground (do processing).

  [Explanation] With the advancement of science and technology, the ice-making process is constantly being developed and improved.

The ice rink in the Air-Film Skating Hall of the Capital Institute of Physical Education applies direct cooling ice making technology in the ice making process.

According to reports, this technology uses environmentally friendly refrigerants to reduce energy consumption while also improving the flatness of the ice surface.

  [Concurrent] Wei Yilun, Head of Ice Making Technology, Air Skating Hall, Capital Institute of Physical Education

  Direct cooling technology has two advantages for refrigerants. First, it eliminates the need for heat exchange and high-power liquid circulating pumps, so it saves at least 55% energy compared to gradual cooling; second, it affects the entire ice surface It is very good. The ice temperature of the whole court is the same, because it is controlled by the pressure of the refrigerant, so one pressure is against the same temperature, so the ice temperature of the whole court is the same, and it makes ice faster than gradually Cold (technical) is much faster.

  [Explanation] Today, it is less than 500 days before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Zhou Jun also hopes that through this Winter Olympics at his doorstep, more people can walk on the ice rink with him and fall in love with ice and snow.

  Reporter Xu Pengpeng reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]