At the age of 58, former international goalkeeper Bruno Martini died of cardio-respiratory arrest.

Guy Roux, who trained him at AJ Auxerre from 1981 to 1995, remembers at the microphone of Europe 1 an "example for others", as calm as cultivated.

The world of French football mourns one of its own: Bruno Martini died of cardio-respiratory arrest at the age of 58, as Montpellier, his last club, announced on Tuesday.

The goalkeeper posted 31 selections for the Blues between 1987 and 1996, between Joël Bats and Fabien Barthez, other icons of the France team.

And it is in Auxerre that Bruno Martini spent most of his professional career.

There, he played twelve seasons under the authority of Guy Roux, who testifies at the microphone of Europe 1.

"Martini read a lot"

"I will pay homage especially to the man", explains the famous Burgundian trainer, who is full of praise for the goalkeeper, arrived in Yonne in 1981: "He is an extremely intelligent boy, very cultivated, who lived his life as a professional footballer by continuing to cultivate himself. "

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Guy Roux evokes on Europe 1 a player who "read a lot while traveling".

"He didn't mind reading the last Goncourt he had bought the day before."

As AFP points out, Bruno Martini was a chess player and a lover of reading, who evoked Goethe, Gide, Céline or even Montherlant.

"Very concerned about his material"

In the field, Bruno Martini, Auxerre player until 1995, "was very professional, very concerned about his equipment, his gloves, his crampons", according to Guy Roux, who greeted him "a great calm in the goals and in the daily life of the team ".

For the legendary technician of AJ Auxerre (1961-2005), the porter was "an example for others", "someone exceptional" and "a professional as we would all like to see them all".