Bruno Martini (here in the MHSC jersey in 1998) died on October 20, 2020 in Montpellier.



  • Keeper of the France team between 1987 and 1996, Bruno Martini died on Tuesday, October 20 in Montpellier, eight days after being the victim of a cardiovascular arrest.

  • The numerous testimonies pay homage to the player and to a discreet and loyal man.

  • Guy Roux, who was his coach at AJ Auxerre after recruiting him at the training center, remembers a "man that we will not forget.

    We would like to have a lot like that ”.

The announcement of Bruno Martini's death sparked many reactions in French football circles.

The Montpellier Hérault Sport Club announced this Tuesday morning the disappearance of the former goalkeeper of the France team (31 selections), who died on the night of Monday to Tuesday.

He was the victim on October 12 of a cardio-vascular arrest in the parking lot of the training center, of which he was deputy director.

He had since been in intensive care at Arnaud de Villeneuve hospital in the Hérault prefecture.

“Behind the excellent goalkeeper was an endearing, loyal man and a friend.

He was very human.

This is terrible news ”, evokes, very affected, Ghislain Printant (assistant of Jean-Louis Gasset in Saint-Etienne) of which he was (in particular) the trainer in his capacity of goalkeeper in Montpellier.

“I am very sad for him, for Marie, for his daughters, for his two clubs, Auxerre and Montpellier Hérault, which are a big family.

I lost a friend.


"A respectful man in his relationship to others"

Keeper of the France team from 1987 to 1996, Bruno Martini had only known three clubs in his career: Auxerre, Nancy (two seasons on loan) and Montpellier, where he ended his career in 1999, before joining the national technical direction as coach of the goalkeepers.

“He came to us, young, as a third goalkeeper.

I found that this was not a very good situation, remembers for

20 Minutes

Guy Roux, who was his trainer at AJ Auxerre from 1983 to 1995 (with this two-year interlude).

There was an opportunity in Nancy.

I offered him on loan to Aldo Platini [then sporting director of AS Nancy Lorraine] who knew him well, since he had also sought to recruit him, young.

He had a stroke of luck: Jean-Michel Moutier had a ruptured Achilles heel.

He found himself holder of Nancy ”.


Bruno Martini, former goalkeeper of AJ Auxerre and the France team died on Tuesday at the age of 58.

In 1986, television dedicated a portrait to this young football hope, who was also a chess enthusiast.


- (@Inafr_officiel) October 20, 2020

"Bruno was a teammate, a colleague, a friend for us," testifies in a joint statement the staff of the Blues (Didier Deschamps, Guy Stéphan and Franck Raviot).

“Whether as a teammate in the France team, as a colleague in the staff of the Blues or in the National Technical Directorate, Bruno has always remained true to himself: rigorous and competent in his work, honest and relevant in its discussions and analyzes, concerned with the collective interest, respectful in its relationship to others.

The president of the FFF, Noël Le Graët, also praises the player, the technician and the man.

“After his playing career, his conversion was also successful.

(…) He knew how to put his technical experience, high level and his human qualities at the service of others.

He was a discreet but remarkable man.

Bruno is part of the history of French football ”.

"When traveling, he read Tolstoy, the Goncourt Prize ..."

Loyalty, sobriety… These words keep coming back to those who knew him.

“She was a very beautiful person, someone very generous, extremely reliable.

He was not exuberant, he was generous, very thoughtful, but who also had a lot of humor in private, ”confirms Pascal Baills, who was his partner at the MHSC and with whom he lived his only selection for the French team ( March 30, 1991 against Albania).

He briefly shared the post of MHSC coach with him, after the resignation of Rolland Courbis in December 2015 and the arrival of Frédéric Hantz at the end of January 2016. "It's too stupid to leave like that", plague the assistant coach of Michel Der Zakarian in Montpellier.

“I have the best memories of him.

His rise to power, his exploits with our team, his personality, his education, his moral elegance.

A man who will not be forgotten.

We would like to have a lot like that, ”continues Guy Roux.

“When traveling, he always read books by the greatest writers.

I remember seeing him read Tolstoy or the winner of the Goncourt Prize, it is quite rare for French professionals.

Of course, I didn't have any remainders or incorrect players in the squad.

But if everyone can be correct, he was correct with class ”.


Bruno Martini, former goalkeeper of the France team, died at 58


Montpellier: the former tricolor goalkeeper Bruno Martini hospitalized after a cardio-respiratory arrest

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