China News Service, October 18th. Beijing time, October 18th, the 2020 Snooker England Open semi-final contest ended in Milton Keynes, Robertson and Trump advanced to the final.

And this duel between the two will also be a repeat of last season, the championship and the final of the German Masters.

Data map: Trump in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yu Kun

  The game between Selby and Robertson, who was the first to play, was extremely stalemate. Although Selby was behind at 3:5 behind, he chased two consecutive games, successfully resolved two match points and dragged the game into a decisive game.

But in the crucial deciding game, Robertson seized the opportunity to score 92 points in a single shot, and it was difficult to get the victory of the game in his pocket, and was the first to enter the final.

  Later in the evening game between Trump and Higgins, the game between the two was unusually open. After four innings, they were evenly divided and tied to two, and the innings had a single-stroke performance of 50+.

  After eight innings, Trump was behind four times and tied the score tenaciously four times.

After that, Trump won two more games in a row, defeating Higgins 6-4.

While completing the eight-game winning streak against the "Witcher", Trump also got another ticket to the finals.