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  • Eredivisie

  • Program:

  • 8 pm: 

    FC Emmen-Fortuna

  • Results:

  • Feyenoord-Sparta 1-1

  • Ajax-Heerenveen 5-1

  • ADO-Vitesse 0-2

  • PEC-PSV 0-3

  • FC Groningen-FC Utrecht 0-0

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht a few seconds ago

Substitute Robben cannot yet help Groningen score goals against Utrecht

Arjen Robben cannot brighten up his first minutes of play at FC Groningen since the season opener against PSV with a goal.

The flank player falls in against FC Utrecht fifteen minutes before the end and draws scoreless with his team.

The former Orange-international does not appear in the game in the fifteen minutes that he takes part.

PEC-PSV one minute ago

PSV has won its last 12 Eredivisie matches against PEC Zwolle.

This is currently PSV's longest active streak of victories against a specific club.

PEC-PSV 3 minutes ago

Götze helps PSV take the lead in Eredivisie

Partly thanks to a goal by debutant Mario Götze, PSV scores an easy victory over PEC Zwolle.

The team from Eindhoven won 0-3, a final score that was already reached at half time, and take over the lead in the Eredivisie from Feyenoord.

Götze listens to his baptism of fire after nine minutes with a goal, after which Cody Gapko and Donyell Malen also score for the visitors.

PEC-PSV 7 minutes ago

88 'Now that the match is over, Adrian Fein can also make his debut for PSV.

He comes for Ibrahim Sangaré, who also played his first match in the Eindhoven service.

It is a debutante ball for trainer Roger Schmidt's team.

7 minutes ago

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht8 minutes ago

88 'Even with Arjen Robben, who has not yet appeared in the game, the match is hardly worth seeing.

Groningen-Utrecht is struggling to the end.

PEC-PSV 11 minutes ago

84 'PEC Zwolle has also not been awarded an honorary hit in-house.

Yvon Mvogo saves nicely on a header from close by from Eliano Reijnders after a nice cross from the flank.

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht 15 minutes ago

81 'With his first action, Robben immediately enters as we know it from him.

The flank player does not choose to shoot this time, but discards and thus does not create any danger.

PEC-PSV 16 minutes ago

The race has already been run at PEC-PSV and that can be seen in the game in the final phase.

Both teams yearn for the final signal from referee Danny Makkelie, but that will take at least ten minutes.

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht 20 minutes ago

75 'And there is Arjen Robben.

The winger makes playing minutes for FC Groningen again for the first time since the season opener against PSV.

He comes into the field for Ramon Pascal Lundqvist.

20 minutes ago

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht 22 minutes ago

74 'Arjen Robben will immediately come in!

The flank player is ready to enter the field.

PEC-PSV 26 minutes ago

69 'Donyell Malen sprints past Sam Kersten and gets a slight push from the Zwolle defender in the penalty area, but referee Danny Makkelie resolutely rejects the cry for a penalty.

PSV seems to be doing better after the staggeringly weak start to the second half.

PEC-PSV 28 minutes ago

67 'Mario Götze's debut match is over.

The Dark, visibly tired, is replaced by Mohamed Ihattaren.

Noni Madueke is also coming for Mauro Júnior.

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht 28 minutes ago

John van den Brom has not yet lost an Eredivisie point against teams of Danny Buijs.

The previous three meetings were all won by the FC Utrecht coach.

PEC-PSV 31 minutes ago

Despite the presence of Mario Götze, PSV's game dropped to a dubious level after the break.

The people of Eindhoven run like a bunch of unconcentrated pupils across the field.

Thus, the 0-3 lead seems to be more paralyzing than liberating.

31 minutes ago

PEC-PSV 40 minutes ago

55 'PSV seems to have had enough with the 0-3 in their pocket and grants PEC Zwolle the initiative in the first minutes of the second half.

The team of trainer John Stegeman does not do much with the preponderance.

Opportunities the home team has not yet created.

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht 41 minutes ago

54 'Utrecht almost has a lead there.

Padt puts his foot against a hard header from Van de Streek.

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht one hour ago

46 'Without Arjen Robben, the ball rolls again at FC Groningen-FC Utrecht.

We are still waiting for the first goal.

PEC-PSV one hour ago


The ball rolls again in Zwolle.

Can PSV perhaps set a monster score against the poor PEC, which makes an errant impression in-house?

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht one hour ago

Including today's game, Groningen has rested six times with 0-0 in the past ten home matches in the Eredivisie.

Thirteen of the seventeen goals in that match series were scored in the second half.

an hour ago

PEC-PSV one hour ago


PSV is not in the least of PEC Zwolle and leads 0-3 after 45 minutes by goals from debutant Mario Götze, Cody Gakpo and Donyell Malen.

The Eindhoven team is virtually in the lead in the Eredivisie after five matches.

Incidentally, PEC could still have come to 1-2, were it not that Reza Ghoochannejhad took a lousy penalty kick.

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht one hour ago

It is half time at FC Groningen-FC Utrecht where the match could use an impulse from Arjen Robben.

After 45 minutes it is still a matter of waiting for the first goal.

PEC-PSV one hour ago

PSV is doing well in the Eredivisie.

Partly thanks to the third competition goal of Donyell Malen, the Eindhoven team is heading for the lead under the leadership of the new trainer Roger Schmidt.

Last season it was different with PSV.

Then trainer Mark van Bommel was fired in December due to disappointing results.

Ajax-sc Heerenveen one hour ago

Klaassen enjoys a successful Ajax return: 'It's nice to be back'

Davy Klaassen is enjoying his return in the Ajax shirt.

The midfielder has a pleasant return by contributing to a 5-1 victory over sc Heerenveen with a goal.

"It's nice to be back. It makes me happy that we won 5-1 and that I was able to score a goal", said 27-year-old Klaassen in front of the

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"I have been walking around here for a long time, so I knew a little about how things are going here, but it is still a bit different. Every trainer has his own ideas. I think it went fine today."

PEC-PSV one hour ago



PSV is keeping its house in Zwolle.

The people from Eindhoven conquer the ball in their own half and then it goes quickly.

Via Mauro Júnior, the ball reaches Donyell Malen, who lashes out effectively from the edge of the penalty area.

What a wealth for PSV in Overijssel.

an hour ago

PEC-PSV one hour ago

31 ' 

Penalty missed! 

Reza Ghoochannejhad can hit himself in the head.

He produces a weak roll from 11 meters and PSV goalkeeper Yvon Mvogo of course has an answer.

PEC misses a unique opportunity for the connection goal.

PSV still leads 0-2.

PEC-PSV one hour ago

30 ' 

Penalty for PEC Zwolle! 

Timo Baumgartl is once again involved in a dubious moment.

He slips Reza Ghoochannejhad to the ground, causing a penalty kick.

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht one hour ago

Are we going to see him today?

Arjen Robben sustained a groin injury in the season opener against PSV last month and has not played since, but is back on the bench today.

PEC-PSV one hour ago

25 'PSV goalkeeper Mvogo protects PSV from the connection goal from PEC Zwolle.

The closing post, dressed in a striking purple goalkeeper outfit, saves nicely on a header from close range from Jesper Drost, which is completely released after preparatory work by Reza Ghoochannejhad.

PEC-PSV 2 hours ago

Cody Gakpo thanks the higher powers after his goal for PSV in the away match against PEC Zwolle.

It is the 21-year-old attacker's third goal this season in the Eredivisie.

PEC-PSV 2 hours ago



PSV seems to have won the victory over PEC Zwolle after more than fifteen minutes of play.

Philipp Max breaks through again on the left side and tailors Cody Gakpo.

The young attacker of the Eindhoven team can simply tap in from close up and in front of an empty goal.

PEC-PSV 2 hours ago

Mario Gotze clenches his fist and shows a generous smile as he scores his first goal in the service of PSV after just nine minutes.

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht 2 hours ago

14 'Kerk sends Gustafson into the depths, who alone may rely on Padt's goal.

The captain of the visitors must recognize his superior in the goalkeeper and sees an enormous opportunity in smoke.

PEC-PSV 2 hours ago

Mario Götze is the fifth player to score in a World Cup final and in the Eredivisie, after Helmut Rahn, Johan Neeskens, Dick Nanninga and Ronaldo.

PEC-PSV 2 hours ago



Mario Götze enhances his baptism of fire at PSV with a goal!

The German midfielder intercepts a bizarre return pass from Clint Leemans, bypasses goalkeeper Zetterer and taps the 0-1 on behalf of the Eindhoven team.

What a dream debut for Götze.

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht 2 hours ago

3 'The first danger comes from Groningen.

A shot from Patrick Joosten, who played at FC Utrecht from 2015 to 2019, only just misses.

PEC-PSV 2 hours ago

Mario Götze already showed in the warm-up that he is world class at the ball.

Does he also show that in the away match against PEC Zwolle?

The German playmaker has had few balls in the first five minutes.

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht 2 hours ago

1 'With Arjen Robben on the bench, there is a kick-off in the Hitachi Capital Mobility Stadium.

FC Groningen-FC Utrecht is on the way!

PEC-PSV 2 hours ago


The ball rolls in Zwolle and so PEC-PSV is on its way!

Can Mario Götze liven up his debut for the visitors from Eindhoven with a goal?

PEC-PSV 2 hours ago

Schmidt: 'Götze is ready for it'

PSV coach Roger Schmidt explains why newcomer Mario Götze starts directly in the base at PSV for the away match against PEC Zwolle.

"He is ready and we will see how long he can last," says the

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"He is a team player and adapts quickly. He makes the players around him better."

ADO-Vitesse 2 hours ago

Broja pilots ten Vitesse past ADO Den Haag

Armando Broja pilots ten Vitesse past ADO Den Haag.

The nineteen-year-old Albanians scored both hits in the match against the Hagenezen, won 0-2.

Vitesse comes to a 0-1 lead with ten men due to a red card from Oussama Tannane, but persists and secures the victory via Broja.

Ajax-sc Heerenveen 2 hours ago

Partly thanks to the scoring Klaassen,

Ajax records a

big home win at Heerenveen.

Ajax records a simple home win at Heerenveen.

Partly thanks to a goal by Davy Klaassen, who is returning to Ajax, the team from Amsterdam win 5-1.

Klaassen takes the 4-1 from a penalty kick.

Two hits from Dusan Tadic and Mohammed Kudus put Ajax on a 3-0 lead within 35 minutes.

Henk Veerman does something back after the break, but cannot make the match more exciting.

The final chord is for substitute Antony, who determines the final score a few minutes before time.

ADO-Vitesse 2 hours ago

Armando Broja is today's Vitesse hero.

The nineteen-year-old wing attacker, from Albania, will pilot the ten Arnhemmers past ADO Den Haag with two goals.

Ajax-sc Heerenveen 2 hours ago

87 'GOAL Ajax!


The final chord is for Antony.

The Brazilian, who has just entered the field, places the ball in the far corner with great feeling.

Ajax-sc Heerenveen 2 hours ago

83 'Klaas-Jan Huntelaar comes into the field for the last ten minutes against his old club.

With his 33 Eredivisie goals for Heerenveen (2004-2005), Huntelaar is still in eighth place on the all-time top scorers list of the Frisians.

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