China News Service, October 18th. Beijing time last night this morning, the fifth round of the 2020/21 Premier League season began to compete for multiple focus matches. Manchester City beat Arsenal 1-0 at home, Sterling scored, Manchester City won the first place in the past three rounds Win.

Liverpool drew with Everton 2:2 away, Mane and Salah scored, Henderson's stoppage time goal was invalidated.

  In the match between Manchester City and Arsenal, Manchester City took the lead in the 23rd minute, Aguero broke through and passed, Foden's left shot from the penalty area was barely saved by Leno, and Sterling made a supplementary shot into the net.

William took a corner kick and Peppa's header went wide.

Mahrez broke into the upper right corner of the small penalty area, but Leno saved his shot. He followed up and shot again, but Gabriel blocked the near corner.

  The second half.

Aubameyang made a pass from the left and Pepe had a header into Edson's arms.

Arsenal corner kick attack, Tierney shot slightly higher outside.

Aguero passed the ball and Mahrez's shot in front of the penalty area was confiscated.

At the end of the game, Manchester City replaced Fernandinho to strengthen the defense, and finally kept the victory and got 3 points.

  In the away game between Liverpool and Everton, Liverpool took the lead in the third minute. Robertson broke into the penalty area and made a pass from the left. Mane pushed into the upper corner from close range.

Then Mane crossed, Henderson headed the goal and Digne blocked the baseline.

Van Dijk took the ball from the right edge of the penalty area and was tackled by Pickford, but the Dutch defender was offside and the referee refused to award a penalty.

  Everton equalized in the 19th minute, Ronaldo scored a corner kick and Michael Keane beat Fabinho with a header from the edge of the penalty area, 1:1.

Liverpool exceeded again in the 72nd minute, Henderson crossed from the right, Mina hurriedly blocked, Salah 15 yards left foot volley into the bottom left corner of the net, 2:1.

  Everton equalized again in the 81st minute, Digne made a pass from the left, Gomez missed the defense, Lewin scored a header before Robertson in the small penalty area, 2:2.

In the 93rd minute, Thiago made a straight pass, and Mane made a pass from the left side of the penalty area. Henderson shot from 10 yards and hit the net after being blocked.

But VAR ruled that Mane was offside first and the goal was invalid.

  In other games, Southampton drew with Chelsea 3:3 and Manchester United reversed Newcastle 4:1.