“How will this fight go and how will it end?

I never guess.

For three months he said to himself: he will kick my ass, he will make me look like an amateur.

I repeated the same thing before the fight with Tony.

I didn't tell myself that I could win.

I never say this to myself - on the contrary, I say that I will lose.

And then I go out into the cage and fight as for my life, "Izvestia quotes Gatji.

The fight between Nurmagomedov and Gatji will take place on October 24 on "Fighting Island" in Abu Dhabi as part of the UFC 254 tournament. Nurmagomedov won 28 victories during his career and did not suffer a single defeat.

Gaethje has 22 wins and two losses in MMA.

Gatji had previously stated that studying Nurmagomedov's battles was not part of his training.