Griezmann, monument in danger in Barcelona.



The weeks go by and all look the same for Antoine Griezmann on the Barça side: gray, dull, tasteless.

Even the meetings with the France team - with whom he scored on Wednesday against Croatia in Zagreb - are no longer enough to give him a boost of self-confidence.

After Barcelona's defeat on Saturday against Getafe, in the suburbs of Barcelona, ​​Grizou alone carried all the ills of his team in the Spanish press where almost every one was devoted to him.

And not in the way we want.

For the Catalan daily


, the Frenchman is now “Indefendable”.

“Koeman gave him the 'false 9' he was asking for, but he barely intervened in the game and when he did, it was to miss a clear opportunity.

We do not discuss his desire, but far from solving the problem, he increased it, ”the newspaper slices.

A little further, another journalist explains in his weekly column that one cannot judge the career of a player on a ball that does not end in the back of the net, but Griezmann's opportunities are running out and his dream of succeeding at Barça seems to be moving away a little more ».

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- Diario SPORT (@sport) October 17, 2020

Griezmann, rough and imprecise

“In the week, the French coach had bulged his chest by boasting of putting Griezmann in the position where he performed the most.

Koeman placed him as a "false 9", with more freedom of movement, without being anchored in the hallway.

Griezmann was once again messy and imprecise, ”judges

Mundo Deportivo

for his part


For his part,


speaks squarely of an "unacceptable" performance.

We really hope for his sanity that the Frenchman does not read the press with his coffee in the morning.


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