Chinanews client, Beijing, October 17 (Reporter Wang Sishuo) Wei Shihao, who hasn't seen him for a long time, reappeared in the game broadcast signal and has changed into a "saiyan" appearance.

The upright blond hair is matched with an angular and determined face.

After nearly two months, Wei Shihao (right) came off the bench and scored a goal, making a perfect comeback.

Photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/ICphoto

  Two months ago-after Wu Lei in 2018, it is very rare that in the sixth round of the Super League season, there was a Chinese face sitting on the top scorer.

Wei Shihao, who had 6 goals in 5 games, did not continue his performance because of injuries.

  Two months later-he reappeared on the court with his blond hair, and finally waited for his sixth official game of 2020 to make a point and score another goal.

Therefore, Wei Shihao's current data is that he is seventh in the scorer list with 7 goals in 6 games.

After the game, he said that the position in the goalscorer list or something, just let it go, missed so many games, the team won the most important thing.

Wei Shihao scored twice in the season opener, and made the top score for Evergrande to win a good start.

Photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/ICphoto

  In the 2020 season, Wei Shihao is waiting for his fourth year in the Super League.

So far this season, he has only done three things, scoring goals, recovering from injuries, and dyeing his head.

  It is difficult to tell whether he has reached the peak of his playing career at the age of 25.

According to common sense, it is not surprising to be famous at this age, but because he is Wei Shihao, people always find a lot of uncertainty from him.

  Luneng debuted in youth training, studied abroad in Portugal, rented SIPG, transferred to Guoan, and then "settled" in Guangzhou Evergrande. He has traveled all over the Chinese Super League giants. This is the kind of envy and hatred of countless new generations of Chinese football. .

As for the controversy surrounding him, few people of his age dare to "fight" with him.

The data picture shows Wei Shihao (yellow 20) took the lead in scoring the Chinese team in the 2017 East Asian Cup and the South Korean team, and his teammates stepped forward to celebrate.

That game became Wei Shihao's national team debut, and the Chinese team finally drew with their opponent 2:2.

  In the eyes of the world, Wei Shihao has unruly style and personality, but his character and game quality seem to be a little off.

Before coming to Evergrande, he did not even have a period of validity of more than one year.

  The interpretation of a person by traditional concepts is sometimes not complicated. For example, if you can't make a word of "loyalty", it means you still have a bad time.

Even if the Chinese Super League is a business alliance, too frequent "job-hopping" will inevitably lead to criticism.

  On the court, Wei Shihao's emotional management is not in place. He likes to scold if he doesn't agree with him. The opponent, the referee, and inadvertently may become his "attack".

Until the 2019 China Cup...

In the 2019 China Cup third and fourth place finals, Wei Shihao's back tackle in the first half caused his opponent to fracture. This action also caused him a lot of controversy after the game.

  It was a three- or four-place battle between the Chinese team and Uzbekistan.

At the door of the house, the humiliation of losing to Thailand in the first game made every player wearing the national team shirt feel like a throat.

But Uzbekistan is also a strong enemy. The kick that happened in the first half, the tackle from the back of China No. 7, looks like a bad intentional foul no matter what angle you look back at.

  Shukurov's ankle was bent nearly 90 degrees.

But after the Chinese teenager stood up, he said something in his mouth, not convinced.

The patience of the public to him has thus exceeded the limit.

Wei Shihao still spoke badly after fouling.

  After the game, Wei Shihao appeared in the mixed mining channel accompanied by the staff. In the face of long guns and short guns, he explained that he would not rush the ball.

During the period, he was also interrupted by the staff and took off his ear studs.

  Afterwards, he took a wheelchair to the hospital to visit Shukurov overnight, apologized, and was forgiven. It seemed that it was an "old routine" on the scene.

He apologized for the 18,000 comments on Weibo and pushed him on the hot search, which also made many people's first impressions of him become "bad boy".

Wei Shihao posted an apology Weibo after the game, which attracted tens of thousands of comments from netizens.

  Young people tend to put the labels on your face in the unexpected world.

In the following month, Wei Shihao's Weibo updated several more meaningful content, which seemed to be countering the doubts.

"One day you kiss me, the next day you kill me" If today, the world sings to you, and tomorrow, the person who sings at this moment can also kill you.

  The more he fought, the more public opinion stepped him into the bottom, and the evil words in the comment area continued to ferment.

Apologize screenshot of Weibo comment area

  Later, Wei Shihao returned to the league, returned to his career, and returned to peace.

Few people know whether he really turned the story in his heart, but at least it seems that he chose not to compete.

And one thing is certain, he must already know the truth about growing up with pain.

  Last season, Wei Shihao scored 15 goals for Evergrande on various fronts, including 25 appearances in the Super League, scoring 11 goals and leading the local scorer list, and also contributed 6 assists.

Data map: On December 1, 2019, in the last round of the Chinese Super League, Guangzhou Evergrande defeated Shanghai Shenhua 3-0 at home and won the "Eight Crowns" of the Chinese Super League.

The picture shows Wei Shihao and his teammates celebrating a goal.

Photo by Liu Jialiang Picture source: IC photo

  In the first year of joining Evergrande, he did not only gain a foothold in an environment of fierce internal competition, but also directly took over a major position on the attack line.

At the time, he was only 23 years old, and he had such a performance in the championship club. There is no doubt that Wei Shihao ushered in the most important breakthrough of his career so far in 2019.

  Of course, the argument is not only the cold data, but also the change in his mood level on the court.

  Sometimes, he was still thinking about it, acting as the "bad boy" in the eyes of the outside world.

And more often, he began to "cold deal with" his inner violent dissatisfaction.

In the opening game of the Chinese Super League, Wei Shihao completed the goal in just 7 minutes and scored the first goal of the 2020 Super League.

Subsequently, he scored another goal in the second half to score twice.

Screenshot source: Chinese Super League official micro

  The Italian Cannavaro has witnessed Wei Shihao's changes, or it can be said that he is standing behind and bringing changes to Wei Shihao.

In last year's China Cup, Cannavaro briefly took over the national football coach, and the scene of Wei Shihao "getting into trouble" happened before his eyes.

Back at the Evergrande Club, Ka Shuai continued to look at the big boy he recognized.

  At the China Cup, Cannavaro said, "Wei Shihao has certain personal abilities and his characteristics are very outstanding. This foul does not mean that he is a bad boy, but that he has a high degree of investment in the game." For Wei Shihao, Cana Varro not only gave enough space, but also paid attention to his every move.

Data map: On the evening of March 21, 2019, the national football team lost to Thailand 0:1 in the opening match of the China Cup. The picture shows the Chinese team Wei Shihao and the Thai team in a one-on-one "heads-up".

Image source: Osports All Sports Photo Agency

  After a year and a half, Cannavaro's tone did not seem to have changed much when talking about Wei Shihao who scored in the league.

He said that Wei Shihao has made great progress after coming to Evergrande, becoming more mature and playing more purposefully. However, "I have to follow him behind his ass every day, or I have to be in his ears, and control, Regardless of management, he is very characteristic, but he needs to always follow him. If he can develop along this line, he will make a good contribution to Chinese football."

  Cannavaro's remarks are in the hearts of Chinese fans.

Everything in the world is not immutable, especially people.

If we say that Wei Shihao once made a mistake because of recklessness and “offended” the fans, but after a long time, to re-examine Wei Shihao, there is no renewal, but no one will question the quality of No. 7 behind him.

Last season, Wei Shihao was also shortlisted for the most popular local player in the Super League.

Image source: Chinese Super League official micro

  The nickname of "Wei Shao" spread more and more widely.

The most important thing is that he has become accustomed to staying silent, and the turbulent 2020 is coming to an end, and there are only 5 content on his Weibo.

  The other side of silence is the focus on football.

Wei Shihao posted a picture in early July, including a picture of him wearing the NBA "bad boy" Rodman uniform. In character, he and Rodman seem to be really close.

Wei Shihao Weibo screenshot

  In fact, he had the opportunity to go to the five major leagues in the first half of the year. Rumor has it that La Liga teams are very interested in him.

If he left then, he would enter his fifth team in five years, but he chose to stay.

According to people close to him, the possible changes in salary are not the key factor in Wei Shihao's decision-at Evergrande, he has already found a sense of belonging and a comfort zone.

  As expected, some of the fans have made "comments" on Wei Shihao because of the various news that is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

This time, Wei Shihao didn't say anything anymore. In the first five games of the new season, he only returned empty-handed in one game.

Come back again, make points + break doors.

The performance on the court speaks for itself.

Wei Shihao was very excited after he contributed a goal to secure the victory in his comeback.

  On the night of returning to the stadium, Wei Shihao, who killed the game, appeared in the live interview after the game.

He said, "The two months I can't play football are really sad, and it makes me cherish the time on the court more." He also thanked his "hair stylist", "Thank you Taliska for dyeing my head last night. Like last time, the old card also said before the game that if I didn't score a goal, I would cut my hair." For this new hairstyle, Cannavaro responded rudely, "I can't see it."

  Cannavaro also talked about a conversation he had with Wei Shihao before the game.

"I had a brief exchange with Xiao Wei before the game. I asked him if he played 60-65 minutes, or if you can change the game at the end of the game, he definitely told me,'You still play for 30 minutes and you can help the ball after you go up. The team.'You can see his change from here."

  Because of the epidemic, 2020 has become very special.

The same is true for Wei Shihao, who is passing a wonderful year in his life.

The role played in the team has become softer and more integrated, not being the focus of public opinion, but silently showing an elephant-level performance.

  When the long-overdue Chinese Super League comes to an end, if Wei Shihao can get the approval of some fans, there is no need to say more, please do a small thing for him.

  That is to redefine the name, the once "bad boy", Wei Shihao.