Liverpool got a taste start in the derby against Everton at Goodison Park when Sadio Mane shot 1-0 past a chanceless Jordan Pickford after a pass from Andrew Robertson.

The goal came after several mistakes in Everton's defense.

Liverpool, however, suffered a difficult loss when defender Virgil van Dijk had to go out after 11 minutes after a hard collision with Jordan Pickford.

Pickford escaped red due to the game being called off due to an offside just before.

By then, van Dijk had been involved in a number of rock-hard melee fights.

This time he was unlucky and got a nasty slap on the knee.

After 19 minutes, a mistake by the home side's left defense allowed Michael Keane to get through.

For the rest of the first half, Liverpool had most of the game and the best chances but Everton were not harmless.

Second receipt on nod

The second half was smoother than the first and began with the teams exchanging chances with each other.

The closest was Everton's Richarlison who nodded in the post from close range after a quarter.

After 71 minutes, Mohamed Salah drew a half volley with the left, which meant a new lead for Liverpool.

Again after a weak defensive play by Everton.

After the goal, Liverpool took hold of the match again and Joel Matip forced Pickford to a giant save on a hard header in the 78th minute.

But Everton came again and a new nod, this time by Dominic Calvert-Lewin, meant 2-2.

After 92 minutes, Jordan Henderson scored the winning goal.

Thought everyone, including the TV viewers.

But in the VAR room, an officer was found on Sadio Mane who was the one who sent the pass to Henderson.

The result means that Liverpool now have 23 straight loss-free matches against Everton, of which 11 wins.

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