Racing 92 was beaten on Saturday by the English of Exeter in the final of the European Cup (31-27).

Another disappointment for Ile-de-France residents who had already lost in 2016 and 2018. Exeter, however, won his first European trophy. 

The English of Exeter won the first European Rugby Cup in their history by dominating the French Racing 92 31-27 in the final on Saturday in Bristol.

The Exeter Chiefs will be looking for a brace next weekend, as they face the Wasps in the England Championship final.

The perfect English course

The game was disjointed at first, with the Chiefs quickly leading 14-0 before seeing the Racingmen return to the game.

The fate of the match was then undecided, until a penalty won by the captain of the Exeter Chiefs, Joe Simmonds, just one minute from the end of the meeting to give his team 4 points.

Unbeaten in the group stage (5 wins and a draw), domineering at home in the quarter-finals (38-15 against Northampton) then in the semi-final (28-18 against Toulouse), the Chiefs complete an almost perfect European campaign , which sees them succeed another English club, the Saracens, which Racing 92 had dismissed in the semi-final.

Racing cursed?

On the other hand for Racing, the disappointment is immense.

The Parisians had already been beaten in 2016 and 2018 and this time hoped to share their experience.

Racing notably paid for its catastrophic start to the match, with two tries conceded in 16 minutes.