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Ronald Koeman, stick in one hand and carrot in the other, offered the whining

Antoine Griezmann

center stage.

But the Frenchman's misadventure may no longer even have to do with the location.

Whether he plays in one corner or another, or does it on a red carpet.

The demons, insistent, sprout from his own head.

Virtue is no longer born there, but insecurity.

Griezmann, who Pedri left alone before the Getafe goalkeeper with 0-0 still on the scoreboard, controlled poorly.

He shot worse.

With the right.

To nothing.

The goal that was not and an absurd penalty from

De Jong

conditioned Barcelona in such a way that it was decomposing without remedy until meeting the first defeat of the championship.

The first in nine years in Getafe.

Without the right wing, because Messi was not going to be the one to sacrifice himself to give Griezmann space on the inside.

With the throat of the field full of blue shirts.

And the left, badly attacked first by


, and not rescued at the end by



Little did Pedri add new vigor.

Because it was that small 17-year-old canary who was the only one who played the game.

Slipping between the lines, always looking for the association, and without fear of the final pass.

His origins are related to




, footballers capable of making difficult things easy.

The ball always spoke for them.

Do you remember the times when it was

Arturo Vidal

who had to link with the forwards?

The deployment of Pedri was joined in the left-handed lane

Sergiño Dest


He even offered


a free ball up front that the Argentine finished off the post.

Just arrived from the height of La Paz, the Argentine did not breathe again.

Dembélé, desnortado

The turbulence grew.

Dembélé is an exaggerated footballer who is characterized by starring in bizarre situations.

What does it matter if it is with a ball in between.

They will agree that these types of characters are always necessary in a sport as close to the show as this one.

Because the abysmal races, the ankle twists in search of the impossible dribble, and that strange pose of turulato arouse too much attention.

Dembélé, who had not been a starter for almost a year, started the night at the Coliseum by starting ten plays.

He lost half of them.

Everything got worse.

Nothing is easy at this stage.

José Bordalás

takes his players to the limit.

Almost all of them improve at your command.

You just have to see


, who was only able to play seven minutes in the Barça first team.

It is an extremist football, but also commendable.




run by ten,


disguises himself as a bogeyman -Messi elbowed himself without punishment;

He made life impossible for


, and


, in addition to putting a lock in his area, goes fishing.

It was precisely the central who received the penalty that led


to open the scoring.

De Jong couldn't avoid guilt.

In an action that was condemned to insignificance, the Dutchman arrived late and stepped on Djené recklessly.



forgave twice at sundown.

I do not care.

Barça, already with






, ended up without knowing what they were playing.

Messi and a hit to his own stick from Djené closed the night.

"Surprises always come when you turn the corner, be it from the pages or the streets."

Miqui Otero wrote it in 'Simón'.

Koeman already corroborates this in an overwhelmed Barcelona that returns to where he used to.

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