Valdebebas's wood told Madrid out loud that he didn't even deserve luck.

Benzema's shot

was like the cry of a desperate, jaded castaway.

Luck should be, as it happened, for those who work it, but a soccer field is not a courtroom.

The truth is that Cádiz hardly needed it, because it was better long enough to define the victory more easily and it did not break down when Madrid comes over, although, this Saturday, it only piled up.

The return to Primera holds an extraordinary award for Cádiz and its people.

Although the game was in the service room and the man wore pink, it was Madrid, a Madrid that will give more than a joke.

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Nacho, Lucas Vázquez, Marcelo and Isco are footballers who are far from the dynamics of the team for different reasons, long absences, injuries or lack of form.

The four were included by Zidane in the starting team and, although it is true that none in a cardinal point of the structure, it means enough weight in a team for the rhythm of the game to suffer, something that is acquired with minutes and minutes, the intensity and automatisms.

This explains, however, only part

of Madrid's collapse in the first half

, in which practically all of its players were beaten in individual duels, whether in disputes or in divided balls, and in coverage.

The same can be said tactically, with serious errors in coverage that can be attributed to concentration problems.

If the duel did not reach the sentenced break, it was because teams like Cádiz need to dig a lot to find metal and because of Courtois' good hand.

Choco Lozano's goal was very little for the work done by those of Cervera, with six other clear occasions before the equator.

Zidane had no choice but to swerve: four changes.

It was of little use to him.

Those substituted were not all those who were worse off, because for this the Frenchman would have lacked footballers, whose face of an embalmed pharaoh could not bear what he saw.

He needed to change the dynamics after what happened, everything, everything negative, except for a couple of interventions by his goalkeeper.

He had started with a 4-2-3-1, with

Modric and Kroos in parallel

, and Isco ahead to bring his last pass to the goal.

The malagueño is not there.

The question is whether it is expected.

He has missed the team train, where it is difficult without running, and yesterday, he did not take advantage of the station that Zidane pointed out to him.

Neither did Lucas Vázquez, located on the right, ahead of Nacho, a starter forced by the injuries of Carvajal and Odriozola.

The first two fell into the halftime purge.

Nacho, who lost the brothers' duel against Alex, remained for service reasons, and more so after the injury of Sergio Ramos, who remained in the booth, lame and with a yellow.

Better to take care of the captain in the week of the Champions League and the classic.

Ramos was the only one connected to the game at the start, when, before the two minutes were up, Kroos tried a butter control and the ball ended up in the radius of


, who spun and crossed the ball.

Overcome Courtois, the white captain avoided the goal.

At 35, Negredo, rescued from Turkish football, is one of the vertices of this Cádiz.

The speed is not the same as before, but the instinct, the position and the shot of a footballer in his segment go a long way in a well-trained, supportive team where others, like Salvi Sánchez, run for three.

For this autumnal Marcelo it was too much.

The Brazilian is asked just enough in defense because of how much he offers in attack, but it is far from the state in which he can do it.

Vinicius, ahead, did not have the spaces he needs, thanks to the defensive work of Cádiz, his lines tightened so as not to grant them.

Cervera knew who he was up against.

Ramos injury

Until after the hour, Vinicius was not close to the goal, in a shot outside.

It was the second for Madrid, after another from Varane in the first half.

The nothing.

Quite the opposite of what had happened in the local area, where in addition to Negredo, on several occasions,

Lozano and Cala

were able to score.

Courtois responded last with a difficult intervention, landing his two meters fast.

He could do nothing, just touch the ball, when Lozano faced it after advancing to Ramos, wrong in control, after a sending from José Mari and an extension from Negredo, all very comfortable in their actions.

Zidane looked for the energy he did not have with the change of pieces and Casemiro and Valverde entered, whom he had wanted to preserve from the FIFA virus after their long trips back, plus Asensio.

Militao did it for the injured Ramos


The intensity changed but not the clarity, save for the desperate searches of Benzema, who sent a tremendous shot to the crossbar.

Jovic was the last letter from a coach who does not believe in the Serbian's bet, but who yesterday was no worse than the rest.

Bad wind for the coming crossing.

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