China News Agency, Beijing, October 10 (Reporter Xing Chong) Regarding the recently heated fitness test, Li Jianming, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration of China, stated in Beijing on the 10th that the fitness test is just a forced mechanism and will not affect Gao Level athletes participate in international competitions such as the Olympics.

  At the National Swimming Championships held at the end of last month, five top-ranking athletes including Fu Yuanhui and Wang Jian Jiahe missed the final due to low physical fitness test scores. Among them, Wang Jian Jiahe even broke the women's 1500m Asian record in the preliminary competition. .

  More than swimming, due to too many athletes in the gymnastics championship, only 5 people participated in the women's vault finals. The bottom-most runners in the qualifying rounds used ultra-low difficulty moves to easily get fifth place in the final; In the fencing championship, no member of the 2019 World Championships Women's Heavy Team was selected as the quarter-finals. Among them, Sun Yiwen and Lin Sheng even stopped in the top 16 due to physical test results.

  Because these events link physical fitness tests to the final rankings, many well-known players are blocked from the finals due to low physical test results.

For a while, whether the physical fitness test is reasonable or not sparked heated debate.

  In fact, the physical fitness tests conducted for these projects originated from a notice issued by the State Sports General Administration of China in February this year.

The titled "Notice on Further Strengthening Basic Physical Training to Replenish Physical Weakness" stated that the long-term "debt" caused weak basic physical fitness and poor specific physical fitness, which restricted the national team from decisively competing in the Tokyo Olympics and winning a decisive victory. The ability to improve and exert strength in the arena.

  Some industry insiders also expressed their views on the physical test.

During the swimming championships, Zhou Jihong, chairman of the Chinese Swimming Association, said that in order for Chinese swimming to fully reach a higher level, it must be based and specialized. The basic physical fitness test in the competition is to compensate for the shortcomings of Chinese athletes and improve their competitiveness in the world.

  The women’s volleyball championships that ended last week also introduced physical fitness tests. The Tianjin women’s volleyball coach Wang Baoquan, who eventually won the championship, said that some of the items in the physical fitness test are helpful to the improvement of specific skills. Therefore, it is recommended that physical fitness training should be carried out scientifically. , Appropriately increase some physical training content that helps to improve the special technology.

  At the State Council’s regular policy briefing on the 10th, Li Jianming, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration of China, responded to this.

He said that in the training process of high-level Chinese competitive sports athletes, lack of basic physical fitness is a relatively common phenomenon, and strengthening basic physical fitness has become a consensus within and outside the sports world.

  "I think that netizens have no objection to strengthening basic physical fitness, indicating that strengthening basic physical fitness is right, and it must be persisted for a long time. In the future, we must thoroughly implement all links and levels of our training." Li Jianming said.

  As for how to better measure the role of the basic physical fitness test in the competition, Li Jianming frankly admitted that it needs to be realistic, scientifically guided, categorized, and differentiated.

He also revealed that all project centers and associations have been asked to seriously summarize the experience and lessons of the previous stage of the competition, and further improve relevant measures, and not to enlarge this temporary policy measure.

  In the final analysis, Li Jianming believes that the so-called physical fitness test is only a reversing mechanism, not a fundamental change to the competition rules of the event, and will not affect the participation of high-level athletes in international competitions such as the Olympics.

"It is only temporary, and the purpose is to force athletes to pay attention to and strengthen basic physical training. These measures will be made more scientific and targeted in the future, and they must be more integrated with the characteristics and specific reality of each event." (End)