Norrköping lost the premiere match away against Högsbo, but impressed Elisabeth Egnell:

- Norrköping is ready.

They played well as a team in the premiere even though they barely had a full team just the days before.

They will win against the top teams and may well reach a semifinal.

On Saturday afternoon, Norrköping will host Luleå, who clearly won their premiere against A3 Umeå.

- Luleå is an upcoming final team and it is cool that they make an almost all-Swedish investment with many local talents.

It will create a great "we-feeling" that gives positive effects for both the team and the club as a whole.

"Luleå will play fast basketball"

The SVT expert holds Luleå as the favorite away meeting with Norrköping.

- Luleå will play fast basketball, just as Norrköping wants to do.

The big question will be whether Norrköping manages to resist Luleå's aggressive defense, and keep the number of balls thrown down.

Are there two future top teams we will see?

- Yes, there are two good teams.

I believe in a great match.

I am extra curious about the future players Matilda Ekh and Freja Werth in Luleå and at Lovisa Hjern in Norrköping.

She manages the home team as a ball distributor, and is one of the few Swedish players with that responsibility.

You see the match in the player above.