Abanca Ademar achieved a victory against Liberbank Sinfin (31-23) forged in the second half in which

Khalifa Ghedbane


to show that the goal of the Leonese is one of their great strengths.

Although what was truly striking was that it was the first Sacyr ASOBAL League match played with a mask by the new regulations of the Junta de Castilla y León, in force since this Saturday.

Something both coaches protested.

The referees had to blow the whistle inside their mask.

It was difficult for the Leonese team to adapt to the game of their rival, without too much scope, but very dynamic and with a player who was unstoppable throughout the first half,

Xavi Castro

, who knew how to break the Leonese defense with his penetrations and throws.

Only when

Manolo Cadenas'

team adjusted its defense

, also taking advantage of its greater bench depth, which both technicians had to take full advantage of when contesting the match with a mask due to the regional regulations in all sports with contact in closed spaces, did the weapon appear of the backlash and Ademar was able to take advantage.

If Sinfin had enjoyed two rental goals at the start, those figures were the same as those enjoyed by the Ademaristas at halftime with a

lethal Gonzalo Pérez on

the counterattack, well supported with his shots by Leandro Semedo.

In the second half, the Leonese team exploited to the maximum the advantage of having spare parts with greater guarantees, printing more rhythm and looking for the counterattack as a weapon to keep the distance on the scoreboard against an opponent already more stuck against the rival defense and the irruption of Ghedbane in the frame.

Ademar continued to show more and more defensive solidity and only the Argentine international winger Ramiro Martínez joined the central Xavi Castro, because at the other extreme Cristian Postigo "suffered" the Algerian international goalkeeper turned into a torment and the league's top scorer

Nacho Vallés

it remained almost unpublished until the end.

The lack of clarity forced

Víctor Montesinos

to look for solutions by attacking with seven players, but then the immeasurable figure of the Algerian goalkeeper emerged who wanted to show why he arrived with the vitola of European champion with a bunch of stops for all tastes and finishing with a goal from goal.

"If that's how it works out, León has set an example"

After the meeting, Manolo Cadenas preferred to opt for irony when commenting on having to play with a mask: "if the situation caused by the pandemic is fixed, this afternoon in León an example has been set."

In the same ironic tone, he added that "surely whoever made this decision is aware of the subject", although he has already used terms such as

"absurd" or "rare"

more seriously

to describe the Board's decision, of which they were aware shortly before the game.


You feel overwhelmed

and you do not breathe the same, of course, that is why when you play sports it is recommended to remove your mask, it has not been very normal that if Barcelona-Valladolid has played without a mask we have had to do it," he said the local coach.

The Liberbank Sinfin Santander coach, Víctor Montesinos, also spoke, calling it "surreal" to have played the match with masks because "the players are sticking each other for 60 minutes and having direct contacts" and the mask can hardly stop contagion of any kind.

The Andalusian coach said that "other measures should be taken or perhaps give a little more room to get used to it."

"We were warned on Friday with the session ended that we had to play like this and I think we found out even before the Leon players," he added.

"I also do not understand that a thousand people can enter the pavilion and now have to play with masks, although I do not think that it has affected either in the course of the game, or in the performance, what does shock a bit is because of the situation," he explained in their criticisms.

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