On February 8, 2020, Duplantis broke the Frenchman and also his friend Renaud Lavillenie's six-year-old world record of 6.16 meters, after a jump of 6.17 in Torún in Poland.

The week later, on February 15, the Swedish-American struck again with a new giant leap.

The new world record was set at 6.18.

The 20-year-old also holds the world record of 6.15 indoors after breaking the icon Sergei Bubka's record in Rome.

But it is the first world record from Torún that Duplantis values ​​most.

- Nothing can be compared to the first, so I feel especially now when I lean back and realize what I have done, says Duplatis in SVT's Skavlan.

The athletics star then becomes emotional as he develops the world record further.

- To break the world record was so unreal and very difficult to describe.

It's been so long since I started.

I started jumping when I was three years old in my mother's and father's backyard.

Then I dreamed of being the best in the world.

So once that day came, it is impossible to explain, says Duplantis.

Not just pole vault - also golf

Duplantis has on several occasions shown his great interest in golf.

In connection with Duplantis receiving the Victoria Scholarship, he and Prince Daniel played a round on Öland.

Fredrik Skavlan then wonders who was really the best.

Was the prince better than you?

- Yes, he was.

He was really good.

Almost too good.

I thought he had to play every day, says Duplantis.

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Duplantis about playing golf with Prince Daniel

Armand Duplantis visits Skavlan on Friday 9/10.

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