However, Håkan Sjöstrand was not shocked by the news.

- I'm not so shocked.

We were ready for a decision, no matter what it was.

But you may feel a little more resigned, he says.

"Inconsistent handling"

He is critical of the handling of the issue.

- First and foremost, we can state that the infection will continue for a long time.

What is seen is a continued inconsistent handling of sports compared to other industries.

We must learn to live with the infection that exists.

Why then does sport and culture not get the chance to take responsibility for this, compared to other industries.

I have a hard time understanding that and am critical of it, says Håkan Sjöstrand.

- Other industries take their responsibility, and that's good.

We are prepared to do that.

We have explained this directly to the government, says Håkan Sjöstrand.