The lie has short legs.

That phrase has been around the head of

Javi Gracia

for weeks

but last night, around eleven o'clock, when the club communicated "to 90%" that no signings would arrive, he was more present.

The Navarrese coach feels cheated by the



, who drew him a different team from the one they condemn him to train.

Therefore, he picked up the phone and asked for a meeting with President

Anil Murthy

, his only valid interlocutor because, unlike the rest of the coaches of the Meriton era, he does not know Peter Lim, he has never spoken a word with him.


is the step that Gracia asks for the body.

Her messages in recent weeks insisting on the need to hire reinforcements for the team to compete with guarantees have fallen on deaf ears.

They told him that they would arrive and they have not arrived.

No surprise, but his spirits have fallen and he perceives a

lack of respect for his work

that, when the results are distorted a little more, will end up costing him his position.

The coach is the last table that Valencianism clings to, which checks how

Peter Lim has left the team adrift


It is no longer important economically or recreationally.

It has not only condemned him to survive on his own, without contributions from the largest shareholder, but it also weighs him down in decision-making.

Shielded by the Covid crisis, Valencia has sold

fixed euros


60 million and another 20 in variables

to emblematic players of its squad:







Ferran Torres

, in addition to letting

Ezequiel Garay go


In token cost, gross savings could be around 14 million euros per year.

Against that, zero euros of investment in transfers or transfers, the payment of the chips to the players with

promissory notes

with the endorsement of the financial Gedesco and racaneo of the settlements for the dismissed from the 'Marcelino-Mateu' era.

Lim is no longer interested in Valencia, so much so that

Jorge Mendes

has not even come to his aid

to provoke a change of chips that will end with a new face in Mestalla.

Without the OK of the maximum shareholder, nobody helps Valencia.

With a team full of

spring players

, with a short eleven and under the emotional slab of being left to their own devices by the club itself, the decision made by Javi Gracia will be understood by Valencianism, but if he takes the suitcases he will leave him to his own devices .


was the last coach to resign under comparable circumstances.

He took the team in November 2016 insisting on the need for some reinforcements in the winter market to wake up a well-off squad, but the slowness and the ups and downs of the property caused the Italian to despair and slam the door at the Christmas break.

From that decision, the property learned: it hired Mateu





Today the option of having soccer executives is a utopia.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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