There were two matches as a fourth referee in the Allsvenskan last year and after that she took the last step in referee training.

Now the dream of being the main judge in the Allsvenskan, the highest level you can judge in Sweden, can soon come true.

- Two years ago, it felt like it might be possible.

Now it feels like it is absolutely possible, but it is important to perform in every single match, she says.

Role model for others

Since there are not many female referees in men's football, it is important for Olofsson to be a role model.

For her, it was referees like Bibiana Steinhaus, who judged the Bundesliga, and Stéphanie Frappart, who judged the supercup final on the men's side, who made her believe that it can go.

- It makes you feel the same motivation and desire to be able to get there as well, that it is not impossible to reach the top even on the men's side.

When will we see you at the top on the men's side?

- I hope for the Superettan this autumn, but the Allsvenskan is probably a couple of years away, says Tess Olofsson.

Three things a female football referee hears:

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Three things a female football referee hears