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last night of the holiday season, Son Heung-min delivered a great gift from afar.

It was the first Asian player to write a new history by scoring the 100th goal in the European Big League.

Recently, I was worried about whether I would be able to play because I hurt my thigh, but I flew with two goals and an assist.

This is Ha Seong-ryong.


Son Heung-min taped on his left thigh and scored the winning goal in the 7th minute of the first half after a surprise comeback after a week.

With Kane's pass, he broke through the defenders with explosive speed and finished with a sensational chip shot, showing off his health.

It is the moment when the record of the 99th goal in the big leagues exceeds the record of the most goals in the history of legend Cha Bum-geun.

Son Heung-min, who helped Kane's goal with an awl like a pass in the first half of the 30th minute and recorded the 3rd help of the season, enjoyed the joy with the ceremony of stepping cheerfully after picking a sensational key goal 7 minutes later.

After digging into the space in no time, he fired an exquisite non-stop shot from the blind spot, scoring 2 goals with 2 shots.

Sohn Heung-min, who easily surpassed Chaboom's record, was the first Asian player to score 100 goals in the league, and also increased the most goals in Asian players to 142 goals.

Son Heung-min was replaced in the 28th minute of the second half after receiving congratulations from coach Mourinho, and Tottenham won the Manchester expedition with a 6-1 win.

At Manchester United's home stadium where Park Ji-sung played, Son Heung-min was tied for the Premier League scoring and received the best rating in the match.

[Son Heung-min/Tottenham striker: Something magical happened to the thigh.

It was a stadium that had special meaning to me because Park Ji-sung played, and I am proud of myself.]

Son Heung-min, who filled a third of the personal record with 10 attack points in the season 3 weeks after the opening, has a record pace The best season was announced.

(Video editing: Park Chun-bae)