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delivered the news of Son Heung-min's goal back from injury.

Son Heung-min is collaborating with Harry Kane in a fantastic breath of exchange.

This is reporter Kim Hyung-yeol.


Kane, who fell down due to an opponent's foul, quickly gets up and punches the pass.

Literally, just looking at my eyes worked.

Kane gave it just half a second after they made eye contact, and Son Heung-min tumbled around and broke through the offside trap and teamed up the winning goal.

[Harry Kane/Tottenham striker: When I saw space to pass, Son Heung-min ran back.

It is obvious that Son Heung-min finishes perfectly at every opportunity.]

Perfect breathing in the wedge bone also shined.

After stealing the opponent's ball with organic pressure, Son Heung-min stabs and Kane finishes it on the spot.

Both of them received two goals, and each scored two goals and a historic win.

[Son Heung-Min / Tottenham striker: (this season) was a Kane had as many assists a little pressure, I did not get today, feel good for getting an assist for Kane I]

Both players receive the highest rated alongside in various media game MVP Also shared.

[Alan Shearer/BBC Commentator: Look at how smart and wise Son Heung-min and Kane are.

The two are the best combination of strikers in the world.] With

Son Heung-min's one-shot one-kill ability and Kane's view of the game getting better and better, the two players who jointly scored 26 goals, the most active players, are reborn as the best combination in the world.

(Video editing: Eunjin Choi)