Series-leading Luleå chose to put 17-year-old Jesper Wallstedt in goal, ie the same Wallstedt who last year became the youngest goalkeeper ever in the SHL.

In Växjö, Victor Fasth, 38, played, and after a goalless first period, he was forced to capitulate when Oscar Engsund put 1-0 for the home team.

Luleå had thus taken the lead for the fourth match in a row and was on its way to its fourth straight victory in this year's edition of the SHL.

Receipt in powerplay

After the setback goal, the guests showed good tendencies in the game - and the press game - but despite four powerplays, they did not manage to net.

Instead, the equalizer came just 13 seconds into the third period, when Robert Rosén spliced ​​up the puck in the cross - in powerplay.

The match seemed to end 1-1, but with 19.31 on the clock, Linus Klasen sent in 2-1, his first goal since returning in May.

With that, he determined the end result, Luleå continues to go like the train - and young Wallstedt impressed between the posts.