- The biggest difference is being able to ride with a weapon.

It weighs quite a lot, around four kilos.

It will be really challenging to go fast with it.

I need to compete and get a lot of routine to be able to do that, she tells SVT.

Stina Nilsson has also suffered a fracture in one elbow.

No optimal charge for shooting practice.

- It is only this week that I have been able to train horizontal shooting, she says.

Shooting is her big challenge.

- The shooting training has gone well, but what I really realized is that it is like a house of cards.

You are always very close to shooting well, but only a house of cards from shooting quite badly.

That is what sets me apart from the other girls in the team, says Stina Nilsson.

"Should deserve to go"

During the week, she also received the news that she will be able to compete in the World Cup, when the IBS Cup is canceled.

- I think it was a positive message for biathlon in general.

But it's not the most important thing for me to end up in that arena right now.

I deserve to go to the World Cup and not slip into a banana peel, says Stina Nilsson.

Whether it will be a World Cup start or not, she can not answer.

- I actually do not know at all right now.

It depends a bit on how I am in phase, she says.

But you do not exclude it?

- That door is as open as it is closed, says Stina Nilsson.