Figure GP Series Uno and Kihei to participate in the French tournament in November 2nd October 10:32

The players of this season's Grand Prix series of figure skating have been announced, and both PyeongChang Olympic men's single silver medal Shoma Uno and women's single Rika Kihira will participate in the French tournament to be held in November. ..

For this season's Grand Prix series, which will be held in six countries, the International Skating Union has limited the athletes participating in each tournament to athletes in the host country and athletes practicing in that host country as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus. We have announced policies such as implementation.

On the 1st, the International Skating Union announced the players of this season's Grand Prix series.

According to this, both Uno and Kihei will participate in the 3rd round of the French tournament, which will be held from 13th next month.

In addition, Satoko Miyahara will participate in the second round of the Canadian tournament from the 30th of this month.

At the NHK Trophy in Round 6 to be held in Osaka from 27th next month, women's singles Wakaba Higuchi and Kaori Sakamoto, men's singles Yuma Kagiyama who won the youth Olympics in January and last year In addition to Shun Sato, who won the Junior Grand Prix Final, Daisuke Takahashi and Kana Muramoto, who turned from men's singles, will participate in the ice dance.

Nathan Chen of the United States, who won the men's single in the Grand Prix Final last year for the third consecutive time, will participate in the first round of the American tournament.

Yuzuru Hanyu, the second consecutive Olympic champion, has announced that he will miss the Grand Prix series this season.