Quinn Simmons thinks it is unfair that he is being treated of racism in response to controversial messages he posted on social media.

The junior world champion was provisionally suspended on Thursday by his Trek-Segafredo team.

Nineteen-year-old Simmons caused consternation on Wednesday evening when he used a black emoji in a tweet in which he supported US President Donald Trump.

Many people labeled this as a racist action.

Simmons' post was in response to a tweet by cycling journalist José Been, who reported on Twitter after the much-discussed debate between Joe Biden and Trump that all Trump supporters should unfollow her.

"To those who have found the color of the emoji racist, I can promise I didn't mean it that way," Simmons said in a statement on Trek-Segafredo's social media channels on Thursday.

"I want to apologize to anyone who found this offensive because I condemn racism in any form. To anyone who disagrees with me politically, that's fine. I won't hate you for it. I'm just asking. the same."

Trek-Segafredo said in a statement that Simmons has crossed a line with "multiple statements" and will not take action for the time being.

It is not clear which reports the American team is referring to even more.

I like talented young bike racers as much as anyone, but I refused to cheer for anyone who supports a racist, hateful fascist like @ QuinnSimmons9 does.

I am officially rooting for everyone else.


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The incident on Twitter that led to Quinn Simmons' suspension.