Major League Baseball Playoffs Akiyama hits no hits Reds loses October 2, 7:08

In the major league playoff and national league regional series advancement deciding match, Reds player Shogo Akiyama started in the second match with Braves on the 1st, but ended up with no hits in 4 strokes, the team lost and lost 2 consecutive games, and the series I was eliminated.

In the division series advancement deciding match, the team that won the first two wins will advance to the division series.

Reds, to which Akiyama belongs, advanced to the playoff for the first time in seven years in 3rd place in the central area of ​​the National League, and lost goodbye after an extension in the first match with Braves, who was 1st in the eastern area on the 30th. I did.

On the 1st, the Reds, who had run out of time, faced the second round in their opponent's hometown, Atlanta.

Akiyama, who was out of the starting lineup in the first round, started in the first left in this match, and the first at-bat was a left fly.

The second seat is a light fly.

The third at bat fell to a strikeout, and the fourth at bat was a second at bat with no hits in four at bats and retired from eight defenses.

In the match, the Reds pitchers were hit by two two-run home runs and lost 0 to 5, resulting in two consecutive losses and losing the series.

Akiyama's hit rate in September was 30% 1 minute 7 ㎘, and his base rate was 40% 5 minutes 6 ㎘. It was.