The team started the premiere in the season's Basketball nervous with quite a few misses.

Umeå was the strongest at the beginning and had a five-point lead.

After a good end to the first period, Luleå turned to a 16-13 lead.

The second period was volatile.

Luleå pulled away to 20-13 after just one minute.

But then they collapsed and Umeå could make 23-7 in the remaining time.

After half the match, Umeå led 39-27.

Luleå took over the match

Period three also fluctuated.

Luleå then recovered the entire disadvantage before Umeå came back and had a nine point lead at the end of the third period.

The rest of the match was Luleås.

When the last period was 1.5 minutes old, Luleå went around for the last time, 56-55 after a three-pointer by Chioma Nnamaka.

After that, there was no talk about where the victory would go.

Umeå was very dependent on Janee Thompson (19 points) but lost as she could not keep up the game.

CLIP: The returnees will secure new Swedish Championship gold for Luleå (01 October 2020)

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The returnees will fix new Swedish Championship gold to Luleå