Japan Championships in Athletics Kiryu / Cambridge tomorrow's final Men's 100m October 1st 20:40

In the Japan Championships in Athletics, the men's 100-meter semi-final was held, and eight players including Yoshihide Kiryu and Aska Cambridge advanced to the final.

In the first group, Kiryu advanced to the final in the order of finish with 1st place, 2nd place Yuki Koike and 3rd place Ippei Takeda with a time of 10 seconds 27 seconds.

In addition, Daiki Yanagita, who finished 4th in this group, and Ryota Suzuki, who finished 5th, decided to advance to the final in time.

In the second group, Shuhei Tada advanced to the final with the overall top time of 10 seconds 23, and at the same time, 2nd place Cambridge and 3rd place Shota Iizuka also decided to advance to the final.

Kiryu "Personal Best Aim"

Regarding the semi-final race, Kiryu said, "I was able to start for the first time in a long time, but I thought I could calm down and recover from there. I was thinking of running with this in mind, so I was able to do that. I want to see the video to see why I made a mistake at the start. "

On top of that, he was enthusiastic about the final on the 2nd, saying, "I haven't won the championship recently, so I want to win and enter the off-season. Tomorrow I want to tighten my mind to aim for my best."

Who is the title of "fastest" ...

Two people aiming for the title of "fastest" proceeded to the final on the 2nd.

Yoshihide Kiryu and Aska Cambridge.

The two who are doing well this season showed the qualifying, the semi-final and the previous reputation on the stage to decide the best in Japan, which was postponed for more than 3 months.

When we talk about the two of us this season, we have a common keyword.

Kiryu has continued to make adjustments while avoiding the tournament scheduled for the Japan Championship.

Kiryu gave a "start" when asked what he had been polishing during the month during the interview the day before the race.

Although I avoided detailed explanations, he said that he sought the best posture now by changing the position of the "starting blocks" where he puts his feet at the start.

One Cambridge player.

Originally I was good at the end of the season, but the reason for the revival of this season, which set my personal best for the first time in three years, was also the "start".

We have been training to improve the "linkage" between the upper and lower body so that we can jump out "smoothly" and "lowly and powerfully".

The result of the direct confrontation in the final of this season is 1 win and 1 loss.

"I want to win and finish," said Cambridge.

"I'm not satisfied except for the victory," said Kiryu.

There is a good chance that the two men who connected the baton at the 400m relay of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, which won the silver medal, will compete and achieve the first "9-second settlement" in the history of the tournament.

Keep an eye on which one will decide the best "start" on the night of Niigata on the 2nd.