Winter Olympics licensed products will be launched tomorrow

  October 3, the third day of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, is also the "Concession Day" of the Beijing Winter Olympics in October.

This time the "Private New Day" will launch new licensed products such as graphene down jackets, badges, and jewelry.

  Graphene heating sheets are more common in functional waist and knee pads. This is the first application of this technology in licensed products for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The graphene intelligent temperature control heating down jacket uses a flexible graphene infrared radiation heating sheet on the back, which can be heated with a power bank. The four-speed temperature control can be adjusted through the Olympic five-ring temperature control button.

The down jacket is 80% white goose down, which effectively enhances the warmth effect, and the compass and the mascot Bingdundun are integrated into the armband design.

At the same time, the graphene intelligent temperature-controlled heating vest is also on the market to meet more needs for wearing matching.

  The ninth badge of the "Ignite Winter Olympics" countdown series badge "Zero Breakthrough" was launched this month.

The 23rd Olympic Games held in Los Angeles, USA in 1984 was the first Summer Olympic Games that China participated in after returning to the Olympic family.

The Chinese sports delegation won the first gold medal in this Olympic Games in the men's self-contested gun shooting event, achieving the "zero breakthrough" in the Chinese Olympic gold medal.

The limited quantity of this badge still adopts the concept of "Winter Olympics", and the sum of the year of the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the year of historical events is used as the limited number of a single badge, that is, the "zero breakthrough" badge is limited to 2022+ 1984 pieces, a total of 4006 pieces.

  The smoke cloud necklace and the smoke cloud earrings inspired by the full moon and smoke cloud are also new this time. Their design implies harvest happiness and completeness and expresses the blessing of reunion.

  The new licensed products this time also include the last two badges of the folk culture series that showcase traditional Chinese folk skills, the stilt badge and the tree flower badge.

The four great inventions series badges will be the last two of the series this month, the papermaking badge and the compass badge.

  Beijing News reporter Wu Wei