Al-Marboui: The reserve bench pushed me to leave Sharjah

Dibba Al-Hosn player of Oman

From the source

Dibba Al-Hisn player, Omani striker Mohammed Al-Marboui, revealed that he left Sharjah club because he did not have the opportunity to play with the king in the Arab Gulf Football League, stressing his desire to play, and not to sit on the bench again.

He told "Emirates Today": "The days I spent in Sharjah were the most beautiful in my life, despite it being a short period, but I am looking to participate in the matches."

Al-Marboui, registered in the category of state-born children, had started his career in UAE clubs with Al Dhaid club for two seasons, before moving to Sharjah last season, and from there to Dibba Al Hisn.

He added: “There is no player in the prime of his footballing career who chooses to leave a club crowned with the league title and who has a history, such as Sharjah, except for the existence of circumstances that prepared for this. Now I feel more happy to join an ancient club in the ranks of first-class clubs, which is Dibba Al-Hisn.”

He explained: “I did not participate in the matches, and the total time I played was about an hour and a half in two matches, which were in front of Al Ain and Al Wasl .. I knew that I would not be able to preserve my skills while I was sitting on the bench, so I made the decision to search for alternatives myself, and of course I should leave King, but I needed to play. ”

He concluded: "I am looking forward to a busy season with Dibba Al-Hisn by making and scoring goals with my new team, Dibba Al-Hisn, so that I can win the First Division and move to the Lights League."

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