• Injury: Hazard returns to the infirmary: one month off

A splendid moon combed Valdebebas last night, at the Madrid premiere in its emergency stadium.

The champion's mute house, shaken this Wednesday night by an already autumn breeze that warns of the mountain winter that he is going to live here.

Nothing to do with the one in

La Castellana


It did not matter to Zidane's team playing without an audience to win all their home games in the final stretch of the last league, but to do so, to compensate for the environmental silence, they always tried to put pace and intensity.

It cost him a lot because of a

concrete Valladolid

, which already last year at the Bernabéu drew a tireless draw.

Óscar Plano, on the 10th violet, burst into applause when the referee whistled the way to the changing rooms.

0-0 and 45 minutes saved.

A thick Madrid helped his mission, where only


found space on the right.

His prominence was a sign, with the most outstanding rivals of other white players.

Sergio Ramos

released several "Álvaro" to the side that must be similar to the ones he dedicates to his troops at home when they mess up.

The winger, who went to Bayern to win a Champions League - he played five games there in the middle of the season, none of them starting - and who has returned this summer, was the surprise of Zidane's eleven, along with


repeated bet


Karim Benzema.

The Serbian striker appeared more than on Saturday at Villamarín, although he is still without aim.

Two 'nines' again

The French coach continues to spin his attack.

He has no other choice after learning that the player who should direct operations in that area is injured again.

Eden Hazard

dropped out of the squad due to a muscle problem that stretches his unfortunate record at Real Madrid.

It does not come out of one when it falls into another.

Now he is not expected for three or four weeks, with serious risk of missing the first classic of the season.

He has not yet been able to play against Barcelona since he arrived in La Liga.

Odriozola, Isco and Jovic left at the beginning of the second half, without being difficult to imagine the reaction of an angry Bernabéu with that 0-0.

The ovation -imagined- would have been taken by Courtois, who returned to save Madrid with two huge saves.

In the two previous games, he also left high-level interventions.

The goalkeeper is giving the expected level, the one he showed at Chelsea and the one that encouraged Madrid to sign him.

In the opposite corner, his unfortunate compatriot, from injury to injury.

With a better future, Marco Asensio appeared yesterday, also back after an ugly scare in his operated knee.

As in the final stretch of the last League, he reappeared with vigor, desire for the ball and daring.

It was, along with Vinicius' goal, one of the few interesting things that the Madrid fan took away from this Wednesday duel.

"With a clean sheet we know we can win the game, because we have very good attacking players," summarized


, after his tenth goal and Madrid's second triumph in three league games.

"We had little time to train," recalled the Brazilian forward.

"We were not very bright, but the most important thing was to add. We know we can improve. Today has cost us a bit. We have to be more attentive to losses. We did not have a normal preseason."

Zidane spoke of Hazard:

"It is a small thing, now it is muscular. The important thing is that the ankle is fine. Hopefully it will be out for a short time," he explained about the new injury of the Belgian.

"Courtois is there for that," he recalled to extol the role of his goalkeeper.

"He has saved us."

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