Tottenham, whose injury caused Son Heung-min, defeated Chelsea and made it to the League Cup quarterfinals.

Coach Mourinho set the point of return for Son Heung-min after the A-match break in October.

Tottenham scored the opening goal to Chelsea Werner in the 19th minute, followed by Lamela's dramatic equalizer in the 38th minute of the first half to enter a penalty shootout.

With all five kickers successful, Tottenham reached the quarterfinals as Chelsea's last kicker mount missed.

After the game, Mourinho is gonna us also sonheung citizens' return prospects,

[Mourinho / Tottenham boss: sonheung Min (October) A subsequent match period, expected return (shake off the injury)

, if the words of Mourinho Son Heung-Min's They are expected to play a comeback match against West Ham on the night of the 17th of next month.