Kiki Bertens reached the third round of Roland Garros on Wednesday in a sensational match.

The fifth-placed Dutchman made a lot of mistakes against Italian Sara Errani, who herself did not reach too high a level, but eventually won.

On track fourteen in Paris it became a match of more than 3 hours, with no fewer than 24 breaks, 7-6 (5), 3-6 and 9-7 for Bertens against the Roland Garros finalist of 2012.

In the grueling third set, De Wateringse suffered from physical discomfort and seemed to be losing.

However, she survived a match point, struck herself on her fourth chance, and eventually left the track in a wheelchair, crying with emotion and pain.

To her own frustration, Bertens played lousy.

She mainly made mistakes in the second and third set and played into the hands of the experienced Errani, who ran on almost every ball.

Errani, in turn, caused a sensation with poor service, especially in the first two sets.

She often failed to throw the ball properly in the air, was penalized for taking too much time and sometimes opted for an underhand serve as an alternative.


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Kiki Bertens has gone very deep to beat the Italian Errani and has to leave the track completely cramped in a wheelchair.

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Bertens starts again below par

Just like in her first round match against the Ukrainian Katarina Zavatska, Bertens did not start well on Wednesday.

She gave up her first two servicings against Errani, who took a 3-0 lead.

Not much later, the Dutch number eight in the world faced a 5-2 deficit and seemed to have to give up the set, but straightened up and started to take advantage of Errani's bizarre service.

She forced a tiebreaker, in which she was narrowly the strongest: 7-5.

The changeable Bertens - she increasingly alternated nice points with painful misses - also had a hard time in the second set against the energetic Errani, who started to serve a little better.

A break at a 4-3 deficit meant a set win for the Italian.

Sara Errani showed herself to be combative on track 14 in Paris.

(Photo: Pro Shots)

Third set will be wear and tear

In the second part of the third set it rained breaks back and forth, with the visibly frustrated Bertens getting injured and looking anything but fit.

A physiotherapist had to patch her up in between.

Bertens seemed to be heading for a defeat, but survived a match point, placed another break at 7-7 and struck at her fourth match point at her own service.

It led to anger at Errani, who thought that Bertens was acting.

After the decisive point, she left the track cursing and ignored Bertens, who was later taken away crying in a wheelchair and in the next lap facing Katerina SiniakovĆ”.

The 24-year-old Czech is number 61 in the world.