Karate's "spirit" policy to allow with special armor and shield Karatedo Federation September 29, 18:48

The Japan Karatedo Federation has requested that the "spirit" that is indispensable for karate be not taken as a countermeasure against the infection of the new coronavirus, but in the future "kumite" will be dedicated to covering the head. According to interviews with the people concerned, we have decided to allow the use of protective gear and a shield around the mouth.

In June, the Japan Karatedo Federation decided on a guideline that included measures against the new coronavirus, in order to prevent infection due to flying when practicing "kumite" and conducting competitions in a one-on-one battle. I was asked to consider not to make a loud "spirit" at such times.

However, a series of opinions from players and leaders such as "It feels strange. It's difficult to do", and the federation has been reviewing it, saying that it may lose its original appearance in karate.

According to the people concerned, if you wear a special armor called "Menho" that covers your head and put a shield on the inner mouth of the armor, it is highly likely that you can prevent most of the flying, and the federation According to the interviews with the people concerned, he decided to approve the resumption of the tournament and practice while giving "spirit".

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, karate competitions have been canceled or postponed one after another in various places, but the federation will implement these new efforts for the first time at the university student competition to be held in Tokyo on the 4th of next month, and in December. It is a policy to incorporate it in the All Japan Championship scheduled for.

Vice President Sasakawa of the Japan Karatedo Federation

Yoshihiro Sasakawa, Vice Chairman of the Japan Karatedo Federation, said that he had been asking for the tournament and practice without "spirit". "It was a shock to the industry to lose spirit, and there was no spirit. I saw karate, but I felt that it was a little different or not what it was supposed to be. I think it was very difficult for the players to suddenly stop doing what they had done so far. "

On top of that, "If you choose the option of never sending out infected people, the tournament will never be possible, so I wanted to restart it in a form similar to the conventional competition. This is the first initiative in the world, but the goal is to have zero infected people. I want to come to the tournament firmly. "