China News Service, September 29, 28, the last round of the first stage of this season in the Suzhou Division of the Super League.

In the end, Chongqing overcame SIPG 1:0 and ended with a record of six consecutive victories; Tianjin TEDA drew 0:0 with Wuhan Zall, and entered the second stage with an unbeatable record of 3 wins and 11 losses.

The second stage against.

Image source: China Super League official Weibo

  Chongqing is playing against SIPG. Chongqing has been in a hot state recently. The league has won five consecutive victories to qualify for the championship group, while SIPG has already locked the group's top spot in advance.

If Chongqing can maintain its third place, it will face Suning in the next knockout stage. If it falls to fourth, Chongqing will face Evergrande.

  In the 14th minute of the first half, Feng Jin was brought down by Zhang Wei when he broke through the left side of the penalty area. The referee initially awarded a penalty kick.

Subsequently, after the VAR referee's ruling, the referee showed a red card and sent off Zhang Wei, which was changed to a free kick.

  In the 36th minute, Huang Xiyang took the set ball and made a pass. Cirino flew the header and Yuan Mincheng scored with a header in front of the goal.

After VAR looked back, the referee indicated that the goal was valid and Chongqing took the lead.

  In the second half, the two sides did nothing. In the end, Chongqing defeated SIPG 1-0 and ended the first stage of the game with a six-game winning streak. SIPG will play against Suning, while SIPG will play against city rival Shenhua.

  Tianjin TEDA vs. Wuhan Zall.

Prior to this, Tianjin TEDA only scored 2 draws and 11 losses and was at the bottom of Group B. It has not yet won a victory this season. The match against Wuhan Zall is more of a battle of honor.

Wuhan Zall opened high this season and ranked sixth in Group B with 16 points before the game.

  Both sides rarely attacked in the first half and failed to score before halftime.

In the 56th minute of the second half, Che Shiwei broke through with the ball and was pulled down by Cong Zhen. The referee gave a penalty kick after the VAR playback.

  Achim Peng, who took the penalty kick, failed to hit, and TEDA lost the opportunity to take the lead.

  In the 81st minute, the TEDA midfielder sent a pick pass, Achim Peng inserted to get a single-handed chance to score the ball, but the linesman indicated that the offside is invalid for the first goal.

Then the two sides made no further achievements, and finally shook hands 0:0 to make peace.

  In the other two games, Guoan defeated Shijiazhuang Yongchang 4:0 and Huaxia defeated Huanghai 3:1.

  According to the competition system, the second stage of the Super League adopts a two-round cross-elimination competition system, with a total of 6 rounds of competition to determine the ranking.

In the first two rounds of the competition, Guangzhou Evergrande (1st in Group A) in the championship group will face Hebei China Fortune (4th in Group B), Shandong Luneng (A3) against Beijing Guoan (B2), and Shanghai Shenhua (A4) against Shanghai SIPG (B1), Chongqing Dangdai (B3) and Jiangsu Suning (A2).

  In the relegation group, Tianjin Teda (B8) vs. Shenzhen Kaisa (A5), Dalian (A7) vs. Shijiazhuang Yongchang (B6), Henan Jianye (A8) vs. Wuhan Zall (B5), Qingdao Huanghai (B7) vs. Guangzhou R&F (A6). The game will start on October 16. (Finish)